A disturbing incident – The Crap Express

This morning, I was driving an express train (well, as express as a train from the south to the city via Granville can get) driving a train load of people to the city during peak hour. I was on the City Circle line halfway between Circular Quay and St James stations when I got a call from my Guard. He explained to me that station staff at Circular Quay told him that someone had done a crap on the train and the carriage really smelt bad.

My train was due to run to Central and then terminate before going to a turnback before it’s next trip. All I had to do was to get to the turnback and back to Central then I could have a meal break. I called the signal box to ask for assistance from station staff to clean up the mess at Central. I have no idea about what happened or where it happened or how long ago it had happened but one has to wonder. The train I was on is fitted with an Emergency Help Point system in each carriage where passengers can talk to either me on the Guard. No one called. No one informed the Guard at a station but thankfully someone did report it to station staff. It makes me wonder though as this would have been a crowded peak hour train and the carriage would have been packed. I would have thought that if someone had of taken a crap in the carriage, someone else (or everything lots of people) would have told the crew or staff as soon as it happened. Who knows when it happened? It could have even have occurred on the previous outbound trip where the train was less crowded. If this is the case, that means that the train would have have been in this state for at least one hour, if not more.

I realise that the system and the trains aren’t perfect. I should know, I drive the things and I’m on them a lot more than the average commuter. I see what state they leave the depot in and what state they come back into the depot in. I know the staff have a role to pay and have to do their jobs but sometimes some of the blame does have to rest with the public. So if you are on the train and you see something that needs attention, please tell someone!

After this incident, the Guard and the station staff at Central could not handle the situation and it was sent empty to a depot for a heavy clean instead of providing a passenger service. This means that the train would have been out of service for at least 40 minutes in travel time in total to/from the depot plus the time that needed to be taken to actually clean the carriage. And this situation is repeated (for different reasons) on a daily basis many times a day.



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6 responses to “A disturbing incident – The Crap Express

  1. Dude!

    This incident is nothing special – and I don’t see why you’ve blogged about it.

    This is a MORE then DAILY occurance on the rail system. Shit, piss, vomit, whatever!

  2. Erk

    Drue, you and I know that but I’m not just writing for me and you.

  3. Hummie

    I was a train driver as well but a freight train driiver. we didnt even have toilets on some of our engines, so we had to do it on the side of the track. some of the guys did it out the door. I being female, just couldnt do that. i just find it unbelieveable that people were on the train when this happened and didnt report it. its like the travelling public are dogs. or are they just so used to people crapping that they just put up with it. I would want to rub their faces in it. People wonder why city trains run late, like doh stop shitting on the trains use a bloody toilet. i probably would have vomited and made the situation worse. oh well, i may be joining you soon if i get my hip fixed up in the next few weeks, just hope no one poops on my train

  4. Erk

    Hi Hummie, thanks for commenting. How did you find me? Hopefully you will be able to join us soon!

    I suppose on the electrics we are spoiled when it comes to us going to the toilet up the front but then again, that’s all I know. I’m just glad that half the time, I don’t know what is going on behind me!

  5. Could be worse. People keep using the elevator at work as a toilet. It happens when the store is full, and people are all over the place, and often no one bothers to report it. Also, somebody keeps destroying the fixtures in the men’s room, and crapping on the floor, and somebody else keeps adding graffiti in the women’s room. Nobody notices, nobody reports it to staff.

    After nearly five years of working retail, I am convinced that most people are pigs.

  6. Erk

    You are right, Jen. People expect (and in some cases need) these facilities but a small minority of people abuse them.

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