Enough Rope with Andrew Denton

Sometimes, some programs are quality and don’t get promoted and at other times I want to watch a show but don’t get into the habit of watching it. One such example is a TV show called “Enough Rope” hosted by Andrew Denton. Andrew is one of Australia’s best media interviewers, if not the best. However for one reason or another, I hadn’t caught the show until a couple of weeks ago.

A month or so ago, I was looking around iTunes for more podcasts to listen to when I stumbled across the podcast for Enough Rope. I knew the premise of the show but I wasn’t sure at what format the podcast would be. I was expecting an audio version of the program which would have been fine in itself.

However, the podcast pleasantly surprised me. Not only is it an audio version of the interview, Andrew adds extra content when relevant including commentary about the episode, extra highlights, things that don’t make it to air and feedback received about the interview after the program aired.

I find the audio podcast format to be very relevant and convenient for this particular promo. If you are Australian, you are probably familar with Andrew Denton’s interviewing style. But if you aren’t, sit back and relax and enjoy these interviews with both famous and not so famous guests. Apart from the well known guests, there is another style of interview that Andrew calls “The 3 Butchers” where he gathers 3 guests from the one occupation or industry and he asks them about the industry, myths and misconceptions about the people’s jobs, funny stories and more. In fact for the next Erk Pod Round Table, I might ask some questions about this as well about jobs that panelists do or have done.

I really enjoy this podcast version. It is convenient for me but also features behind the scenes information about the show and the guests. If you like interviews where you just don’t want to hear the same old thing, do yourself a favour and have a listen! For more detail about Enough Rope and to subscribe to the podcast, visit the show’s website here.


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