It’s Double Trouble Time! 08.08.08

That’s right, folks! Carrying on from the interview of Erk Pod episode 125 that was a part of Round Table 7, it is now Double Trouble day! It’s the day where authors and podcasters Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine would like you to buy their new books to zoom up the Amazon charts.


  • Due to the time zones, the promotion is kicking off in earnest at 0800 Pacific time 08.08.08 so on the East Coast of Australia, that is 1am Saturday.
  • Only purchases made through the online store count for the promotion as the idea is to get the books up the charts. This means that any purchases through the Australian store (for instance) do not count.

For further information click on the brown banner on the left. If you are on Twitter, follow Tee (@TeeMonster) and Pip (@PhilippaJane) for more information about what they are up to today/tomorrow including live video streaming.


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