Double Trouble Update

This weekend saw the height of the Double Trouble book promotion with authors and podcasters Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine. Further to Erk Pod Maxi episode 125 (and the start of Round Table 7), Pip and Tee did very well on their 08.08.08 rush on Amazon. Chatting with the pair this morning on Twitter, Pip made it to number 1 on the Movers and Shakers chart and Tee was right behind at number 2. On that particular list, I had delight in telling Pip that she improved her rank by over a million percent! In the overall Amazon rankings, Pip made it to number 57 and Tee made it to 48. In the fantasy category, Tee and Pip held down positions 2 & 3 respectively while in a sub category of fantasy, Pip made it to number 1.

On Saturday morning our time, Orange Tim and I had an interesting video conference on ooVoo with Tee, Pip and a couple of other podcasters. ooVoo wasn’t a service I’d used before but basically you can video conference with multiple people. If you thought you couldn’t get a word in during a Round Table, try being on a ooVoo conference call! It had been a long day for Tee and Pip but they were happy to see a couple of Erk Podders on the screen. It was a chance for us to find out how the Double Trouble promo was going. I had fun stirring Tim and Tee with various visual items including an Erk Pod shirt and mug, a copy of Tee’s book “Podcasting For Dummies” (that he “signed” on the screen for me), a jar of Vegemite and Anastacia the Erk Pod Bunny. In fact with the way that the screen was set up, I felt like I was on a TV game show like Celebrity Squares. It was a lot of fun. I don’t think it would convert well to an audio podcast but it was fun!

So congrats on the promotion, guys!


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