Erk appearing on “The Podcast Sisters”

Early next Monday morning my time (Monday 18 August), Erk will be talking to The Podcast Sisters about podcasting in general and live podcasting in particular. I will be sharing my experiences of being a podcaster and how Erk Pod has grown, especially with the Round Table episodes. It looks to be an interesting discussion and it will be interesting talking once again with people on the other side of the world.

The Podcast Sisters are Anna, Heather and Krishna and the aim of their show is to promote podcasting, blogging, social networking and other Web 2.0 tools, especially for women. The Sisters’ aim is to cater for the non geek amongst us. While the show is aimed at women, that doesn’t mean that the show excludes men at all.

Indeed, this will be Erk’s first appearance on a podcast based in the UK and the European side of the podosphere. While the idea of the interview is focused on live podcasting, this episode will not be live. It will be available via The Podcast Sisters feed about 1 week after the interview and at that time, it will also be available on the Erk Pod feed as a special episode.


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