New look website

Do you like the new look website? I had a look at various blogs and I liked the look of those sites that had the date of each post highlighted. I wasn’t sure if this version of WordPress had this feature available. In the end, there were two versions of the theme with the date highlighted on each post and I like this theme. I have been tweaking the theme and there is probably some more tweaking to do.

Comments welcome.



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5 responses to “New look website

  1. Yo Ezza,

    Its a step in the right direction! Glad you took my comments with more than a grain of salt and implemented a new layout. It’s helping already! :)


  2. Much much faster. And more pleasing on the eye then the last!

  3. Erk

    Thanks Shawno, Drue, Jon & Marnie for your comments! I really like this theme now!

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