Shooting lasers at Hooters

On Saturday night, Squeak, Leigh the Voice Over Guy, Mr Westinghouse and I went to Hooters at Parramatta and Code Red Laser along with Squeak and Leigh’s partners for a night of eating and laser shooting.

The food at Hooters as well as the service was very good. I always enjoy going to Hooters. We even hatched a dream plan for a Hooters World Tour visiting all of the over 400 Hooters locations across the world. A guy can dream!

After Hooters, we went across the road to Code Red Laser for some laser shooting. I’ve never been laser shooting before so I was looking forward to it. We watched the safety video (no running! no inappropriate language!) and got suited up and then let loose into the arena. The arena has two levels and various doors that open and close so the arena is not always the same. We didn’t get told about the team concept and I didn’t know that my group were all on the same team. I went out with the “shoot everyone, every man for himself”mentality to start with before realizing that my group were on the same team so I probably shouldn’t shoot them. Mind you, Squeak later said that he didn’t see me the whole time in the 20 minute session! The way the arena is, you might think you are safe if you are taking cover but a door could open and then all of a sudden, you don’t have cover any more!

The guys on the other teams (Green and Blue) totally owned us on the Red Team and after the 20 minutes, I’d worked up quite a sweat and the heart was really pumping! I don’t know how many times I got shot. When you do get shot, your laser is disabled for a short period of time. There are sensors on your chest, body and back. Chest and body shots are worth more than a back shot.

I am definitely planning to do this again with a larger group. The next time, it won’t be a surprise and I’ll be aware of the team concept! After the game, Squeak, Leigh and I played the Addams Family pinball machine. Leigh has a machine of his own that we are looking forward to playing when he moves it to his new home. Squeak and I also played Sega Rally and this was a version I hadn’t played before because it had a handbrake. Squeak narrowly beat me. We would have loved to have kept going but it was closing time!

Now as I promised Richard and Shawno, here are a couple of pics.

Above – Me planning the Hooters World Tour powered by Erk Pod

Above – Erk and our Hooters Girl

Above – I couldn’t get a shot of the Code Red Laser gear so I had to make do with this gun from an arcade game.


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