Closed Starbucks [VIDEO]

A few weeks ago, Starbucks announced with almost immediate effect that they were closing the majority of Australian stores. My local store at Penrith Plaza (aka Westiefield) was one of them. This was my first visit to that part of the centre since the store closed so I was interested to see the store and to see if it retained the Starbucks branding. In this video, we see an ironic sight as well as the current state of the store.



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2 responses to “Closed Starbucks [VIDEO]

  1. Inside the store I work in, here in the US, is a cafe that sells Starbucks Coffee. So, we have a huge sign in our window that says “Starbucks”. Directly across the path from this store is a Starbucks. I think I can walk from one door to the other in less than ten steps. The two compete with each other for customers who want the exact same coffee. The grocery store when Shawno and I go has a Starbucks cafe inside it, right next to one of the main entrances. In the same shopping plaza, there is another full Starbucks, competing with the one in the grocery store. What can I say? Except that Starbucks isn’t really known for it’s ability to make smart financial decisions.

  2. Erk

    Some of Starbucks’ decision making is weird to say the least, Jen. For instance, they have closed the store in the video which is across the road from the train station and in a major shopping centre. Yet the store in a nearby suburb with a reputation as a lower socio-economic area still has their Starbucks. Their coffee can’t be cheap!

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