24 Hours to go until Round Table 8

As I write this, we are just over 24 hours away from going live with Erk Pod Round Table 8. It will be starting at 12 noon Sydney time tomorrow (Saturday August 23). For our American friends, that is 7pm Shawno time (Pacific), 9pm Richard time (Central) and 10pm Eastern.

As usual on the day of the Round Table, the front page of the site will be changed to support the Round Table. You will be able to click on a graphic (that you will not be able to miss seeing!) to go to the uStream video and chat. If during this time you would like to see the most recent site content, you can click on the links under the Recent Posts icon on the right hand side of the page.

So how are preparations going for the Round Table? The uStream and the website are sorted, the music is selected and the button pushing software is loaded, the panelists are confirmed (as much as they can be subject to last minute changes or Leigh the Voice Over Guy running 3 hours late!) and we have some topics to start discussions!


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