Please work, stop sending me stuff!

For my snail mail, I have a Post Office box. (If Shawno wants to send me Nathan’s stuff, I’ll see that he gets it! LOL.) On average, I check this box once or twice a fortnight. And without fail, there is a letter to me from my employer. The content varies but it is usually propaganda varying from the upcoming “Employee Excellence Awards” (some people might call that an oxymoron), the 2009 Apprenticeship drive, Health & Safety at work (another oxymoron), Harassment & Bullying in the Workplace and the list goes on.

Most of the time, the contents of the letter isn’t simply a computer generated letter printed on A4 paper but it is leaflet quality to exactly the same standard as would be given to customers. The way I look at it, we already have an internal mail system across the entire organisation as well as a document distribution system (usually for Safety Critical Documents) specifically for train crew.

There are ample opportunities for management to give us propaganda and other information without mailing them out at some expense. The cost of postage plus the cost of the material itself must be expensive when you multiply it across the entire organisation.

Having said all that, can you imagine if train drivers had email? Gee, I shudder when I think about the amount of spam I’d get sent then!



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2 responses to “Please work, stop sending me stuff!

  1. Druey


    I have a folder in my Outlook with ‘Properganda’ and all the shite goes in there as most of it is sent out by the same address. So things like Your Career, Whats Old News and all the IT Alerts all go in there.

    Everyone who sees it laughs.


  2. Erk

    I’m surprised they don’t make them undeletable, Drue! :P

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