Erk Pod Round Table 8 – Show Notes. Episodes 131 – 134



Erk Pod Round Table 8 was recorded on Saturday 23 August at the Erk Pod Studio which was due to commence at 12pm Sydney time (GMT +10). Panelists were:

  • Erk (host)
  • Drue (co-host)

In the Erk Pod studio with Erk & Drue were:

  • Leigh the Voice Over Guy
  • Orange Tim
  • Big Jay (Erk Pod debut).

Joining in via Skype were:

Due to a technical issue, there is no video for this Round Table. Click on the link below for audio, show notes, related videos and photos.


Erk Pod Round Table 8 (episode 131) – Part 1. 77 minutes

[Right click to download episode]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Orange Tim, Big Jay, Leigh the Voice Over Guy, Richard, Shawno, Jen, Steve, Art, Tim, Nathan & Luke

  • Major epic FAIL. We started late and then had some technical issues about 10 minutes into the podcast when Erk’s PC died. This was due to Erk not plugging his laptop in! Then on another couple of occasions we had fired up the uStream video streaming and the PC froze. After disconnecting the webcam, we started again with no video with no further drama.
  • We had a massive success with Round Table 7, mainly thanks to the Double Trouble interview with Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine. Tee and Pip had a really good hit on the Amazon charts.
  • Orange Tim’s texting overseas again!
  • Introductions to Erk Pod Round Table 8 and panelists.
  • Erk’s on the cans (Southern Comfort).
  • Richard’s brain is running on Windows?
  • Erk will get the website address of Hyper Nonsense right this time!
  • The Erk Pod crew has earworms thanks to Jen’s Ant video!
  • Steve’s on vacation but still is taking part wardriving in a hotel lobby
  • Erk’s been spreading his guest list across various states in the US. So far during Erk Pod, we have Illinois (Richard), California (Shawno & Jen), Virginia (Steve & Tee), Maryland (Tim & Jamie the Podmedic), Hawaii (Todd), Mississippi (Art) but no Ar-kans-us!
  • This will nearly be Cop Pod!
  • Greetings to Nathan the Accidental Prize Winner who missed his intro
  • Luke is wearing his green Trivia sunglasses
  • Vomiting enthusiasms
  • Trivia Post Mortem
  • On air production meeting – where is Leigh the Voice Over Guy?
  • Some highlights from Round Table 7
  • Erk can’t talk.
  • New high scores (as far as Erk Pod can tell) for blood alcohol levels with the Breathalyser 5000. Previous records were 0.57 (non driving, a teenage girl in California) and 0.46 (driving, a female driver in Victoria). New driving record 0.851 (after drinking 20 litres of beer) and non driving 0.914, both in Bulgaria in separate incidents.
  • Platonic love. More earworms!
  • Welcome to the now found Leigh the Voice Over Guy
  • Sydney makes the upcoming International Monopoly as does 3 cities in Canadia among others. Sydney is in the red area of the board with London and New York.
  • Shawno calls Shenanigans on having 3 cities from Canadia in International Monopoly compared to one city in the US and Drue calls Shenanigans on China’s medal tally at the Olympics.
  • Farewell Blue Tim from Some Guys in a Car
  • Welcome Leigh who thinks he is at a Teleathon
  • Getting kicked out of Laser Shooting because Leigh was playing a pinball machine
  • Pinball Pod? Leigh can do running commentary.
  • Promo: Leigh the Voice Over Guy
  • Orange Tim had a script for “The Levers of Katoomba” (Round Table 5) but left it at home.
  • The Mayor of Mt Isa is trying to get women to come to the outback mining town due to a 5:1 male:female ratio. General discussion about Mt Isa.
  • Mt Isa Road Trip added to the Erk Pod to do list.
  • A possible solution to the Mt Isa lack of women problems – or not.
  • Queer Eye for the Mining Guy
  • Music from the Podsafe Music Network: Educated Redneck by Jerry Lee Surber

Above – Jen’s video that gave all the Erk Pod guys an earworm!


Erk Pod Round Table 8 (episode 132) – Part 2. 60 minutes

[Right click to download episode]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Orange Tim, Leigh the Voice Over Guy, Big Jay, Richard, Shawno, Jen, Steve, Nathan, Luke

  • Welcome back!
  • Richard wants to send a film crew to Mt Isa
  • Richard’s on call again
  • Has the Governator put all of the Californian wildfires out?
  • Educate Erk: Ranks of the Australian Defence Forces
  • Erk and Richard (former KFC workers) had a chat about the Burger King worker who had a bath in the sink as featured on Hyper Nonsense.
  • Various shenanigans at fast food restaurants
  • Anastacia sends Orange Tim deaf again.
  • At this stage, Erk asks what his score is in the Rank Quiz. Tim thinks Erk is on 1, Leigh and Big Jay says he is on 2. He is actually on 3.
  • Final Scores: Erk 4, Steve 1, Richard 1, Leigh 1
  • Erk needs to be alone to watch the movie “Shortbus” (Google it!)
  • Educate Erk: Where is Georgia?
  • Double Bunny Alert!
  • Educate Erk: Has Erk been educated from previous episodes? Erk’s final score: 7
  • Sand castles
  • Erk’s Waterfall train crash experience
  • Orange Tim, Steve, Richard & Tackleberry packing heat
  • Messages from Vanya
  • Music from the Podsafe Music Network: Educated Guess by 3rd Man
  • Farewell to Steve. Erk suggests some cars to feature on Some Guys in a car
  • Promo: Ar-kans-us


Erk Pod Round Table 8 (episode 133) – Part 3. 78 minutes

[Right click to download episode]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Leigh the Voice Over Guy, Orange Tim, Big Jay, Richard, Shawno, Jen, Nathan, Luke

  • Educate Erk: Speaking
  • Welcome back!
  • Big Jay’s experiences as Santa, being a volunteer Firefighter, playing cricket with Erk
  • Beards
  • Cricket stories
  • Are we going to get Alexis and Skye on Erk Pod?
  • Did Skye get blown away by Hurricane Faye?
  • Erk has a laugh at Shawno & Jen’s description of Shawno’s antics during a rare storm.
  • Is Shawno sponsored by Acme?
  • Storms and storm chasing
  • Would Stormo Shawno be a storm chaser?
  • Bunny Alert: Obama picks his Vice President running mate
  • Richard definitely wants to come to Australia now!
  • Are the Olympics still going?
  • Various Olympics talk
  • Is it better to be book smart or street smart?
  • Various US Presidential Election talk
  • Farewell to Shawno & Jen – they have food!
  • Bunny Alert: Russian troops still in Georgia
  • Various discussions in relation to vegetarianism, healthy eating, educating people on healthy eating habits and more
  • Government funding/spending and red tape in relation to essential services
  • What will happen with the planned power sell off in NSW?
  • Drue’s list of promises about public transport FAIL in Sydney over the last few years
  • Integrated Bunny Alert
  • Medicare surcharges, private health insurance & the real cost of health care
  • Music from the Podsafe Music Network: Education Circle by Peter, Bjorn & John

Shawno’s storm video that Erk thinks should be sponsored by Acme


Erk Pod Round Table 8 (episode 134) – Part 4. 62 minutes

[Right click to download episode]

Hosts: Erk & Drue

Panelists: Orange Tim, Leigh the Voice Over Guy, Richard, Nathan, Luke & Squeak

  • Welcome back!
  • Tim’s got his rain jacket on
  • Back announcing songs on radio
  • Drue dancing at work
  • Sequel to “The Levers of Katoomba”, “The Levers of Mt Victoria”
  • Farewell Big Jay!
  • Happy Birthday, Erk! Thanks for all the the birthday wishes.
  • The 24 Hour podcast as hosted by Geek News Central’s Todd Cochrane last year is returning later in the year. Hopefully we will be involved.
  • Office workers have sex in window to an audience.
  • Thieves fall asleep on the job and get photographed then caught.
  • Using cameras to assist in evidence
  • Erk is having trouble with the letter S.
  • Richard asks if we know of a movie filmed in Australia about a police detective interviewing a guy. It is called “The Interview” (1998) starring Hugo Weaving and Tony Martin.
  • Mystery caller!
  • Modern version of Cluedo
  • Erk visited the FAIL blog and found an Amazon or eBay listing for used condoms
  • Orange Tim tempts Erk with a photo of 4 nursing students in a bikini
  • Stop Global Warming. Stop eating cows and eat kangaroo instead!
  • We were going to eat kangaroo meat on air. Added to do list.
  • Various Environmental discussions
  • Welcome Squeak
  • Random thought from Nathan
  • Erk wonders if Richard heard about the whale story that dominated the news this week in Sydney. The orphaned baby whale was called Colin but was later found to be female (Collette or Colleen, depending on media source). The whale was euthanized after it was decided (eventually) that the whale could not be saved. Various discussion in relation to this story.
  • “Do we need to have a summit for everything?”
  • Farewell and thanks, everyone!
  • Goodnight, interweb!

Sources: News Limited, Fairfax Media, The Daily Mail, The Register,, China Post, ADF website. ANZAC Day website, Google Street View. Stories found by Erk, Drue & Orange Tim.

Follow the hosts and panelists on Twitter!

Above – The Round Table appeared to be going well but Chicago, there was a massive problem. Maybe we should change this sign simply to read “FAIL”

Above – Big Jay made his Erk Pod and Round Table debut.

Above – Leigh the Voice Over Guy checking Erk’s computer

Above – Drue reading a story and trying to avoid wheelbarrows.

Above – Erk on the cans (again!) during a game of musical chairs, headphones and microphones

Above – Maybe Anastacia should become a Breathalyser Bunny!

Above – Round Table studio panelists.

Front: Drue (left) & Leigh

Back: Orange Tim (left) and Big Jay

Above – Round Table panelists Leigh the Voice Over Guy (front), Drue the co-host (left), Orange Tim, Big Jay

Above – Erk & Leigh the Voice Over Guy

Above – Drue the Co-Host and Orange Tim

Above 2 photos – Orange Tim showing us why Erk named him Orange Tim.

Above – Anastacia, the message board and another use for the Erk Pod mic cubes.



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6 responses to “Erk Pod Round Table 8 – Show Notes. Episodes 131 – 134

  1. Is that Southern Comfort and cola premixed? Nice. Don’t think we have that here. Thanks again for having us on Round Table. We had fun, of course. Would’ve liked to have stayed on longer, but you know how it is. We couldn’t keep those SALADS waiting!

    How soon ’til all of the episodes are available via iTunes? I like to listen to ’em all at once, and so far only the first has downloaded.

    And it’d be fine with me if you released all of the episodes (at least to iTunes) at one time. It’d actually be just fine with me if you released the Round Tables without breaking them up at all. I know those would be some big files. But there’s nothing wrong with that.

  2. Erk


    Yes, the Southern Comfort and cola is pre-mixed. A lot of drinks such as Jim Beam, Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels, Woodstock and more are pre-mixed, usually with cola. We can get them in cans or bottles depending on the brand. We call them pre-mixed drinks or Ready to Drink (RTD). Just for you, I should get on the Canadian Club next time ;)

    Mmmmaaaaaaaatttttteeeee, salads don’t go cold (so I’ve observed) so they can wait! I hope you had some meat with it though!

    I’ve brought forward the dates of the iTunes etc releases but with one a day from now, that is still Thursday. I don’t think I’d release a 3 or 4 hour episode though. I’d hate it if I had to do that as a listener. At the moment, the space them out camp and the release all at once camp are fairly even.

  3. Pingback: Hyper Nonsense - podcast Internet radio from San Luis Obispo, CA » Blog Archive » HN 125 - Ben sings! - (805)725-5085

  4. Just finished Round Table Part 3. Interesting discussion. Sad to see that Australia is prvivatization crazy, like the U.S. And there’s been a lot of talk here too about selling things like our power system to the Chinese. Ridiculous.

    Anyway, will listen to part four later today, so you may hear again from me on this one.

  5. Just finished listening to all four parts of this Round Table. Very funny stuff! Gotta say, I was having an much easier time following the discussions when I listened to it now, than when I was on the show, (and drinking). There were so many jokes that I simply didn’t understand the first time around! I found all four parts of the show to be highly entertaining. Good times.

  6. Erk

    Shawno and Jen, thanks for your comments. I’m glad you both enjoyed the Round Table as usual.

    Jen, I would have never had thought that the RT is like an episode of The Simpsons or South Park where you have to watch/listen again. But because of how things were in the studio, I didn’t get to hear all of the conversation so I enjoyed listening back to it myself.

    Shawno, the latest here on the power privatization in NSW is that the State Opposition did not support it and it did not have the numbers in Parliament to get the green light. So for now, the status quo remains. But over the last couple of days, there have been some changes with the Deputy Premier and the Transport Minister (the same bloke) resigning. So by the time we record the next episode, we should have details of the cabinet reshuffle.

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