More Work Photos

Here are some more work photos from the last couple of days. Enjoy!

Above 2 photos – Have you ever wondered why your train is going slow? Sometimes a sign like the skinny yellow sign above is the reason. It is a caution board which means that the speed of the train must be reduced over a part of the track usually due to a fault in the track which means that the train needs to run at a lower speed. The new speed depends on the type of fault. The whole train must do the new speed for the length of the speed restriction. In this example, the speed of the train must be reduced to 10kph instead of 25kph. In the opposite direction in this example, the train must do 10kph instead of 80kph. For my train of about 180 metres long, it is not as bad as for a freight train that might be 1500 metres long going over that 10kph speed restriction.

Above – While it appears as though the yellow sign is for the train, the main reason for the sign is for vehicles such as cars, trucks & forklifts driving around the depot.

Above – On Monday 25 August, I had my first ride as a passenger on the new OSCAR trains. As a driver, it is not planned for me to learn how to drive these trains as they operate in areas different to my main areas of operation.

Above – Erk, next stop Lidcombe. Time to get off the train!

Above – Looking towards the lower deck of an OSCAR train.

Above – Looking at a doorway of the train from the platform at Lidcombe. It’s lucky it is not a video because the noise of the “Stand Clear, Doors Closing” beeps as the doors close is quite loud and piercing.


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