Work Photos, 26/27 August 2008

More work photos! Enjoy!

Above 2 photos – I have just driven this train down from Carlingford to the terminal of the shuttle service at Clyde. The first photo was taken in the day time and the second photo was taken about an hour and a half later in the dark.

Above – A petrol train hauled by Pacific National locomotive 8005 passes my train at Clyde.

Above – A petrol tanker passes my train at Clyde.

Above – New station sign and platforms at Revesby. This station will have 4 platforms and trains will be able to terminate here from the city. This is in conjunction with the project to build two more tracks between Beverly Hills and Revesby. The far platform is fenced off for now but built at the same time but the track is due to be added later.

Above – A CountryLink Xplorer train arrives at Campbelltown on its journey from Canberra to Sydney.

Above 5 photos – The Xplorer carriage pictured here has been painted into an updated CountryLink colour scheme. This carriage was at the back of the Canberra – Sydney Xplorer train. This is the second colour scheme that the Xplorer trains have had. The first colour scheme can be seen on the first photo of this series on the front carriage of the train.



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4 responses to “Work Photos, 26/27 August 2008

  1. Great photos, as always, Erk.

  2. Erk

    Thanks, Shawno. As you know, I now have Flickr. Needless to say, I have a lot of photos to put up!

  3. I am really enjoying taking a look at these work photos, Erk. Way more exciting than what I see all day at where I work! ;)

  4. Erk

    Jen, I am enjoying bringing you these shots. Some of these shots would be what passengers can see on a daily basis but some of them are behind the scene shots. I’ll have to put the Viking shots up soon.

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