Erk’s Movie Marathon & Reviews

Further to Erk Pod episode 135, Erk had some free movie tickets to use up by today and the only day I could use them was Saturday. And to make things worse, I could not use them on a session starting after 5pm.

My first movie that I saw was Dark Knight at 10.15am. When I say the 10.15 session of Dark Knight, of course that is when the ads and the previews started. When you combine a series of ads plus the length of Dark Knight, it’s a long time in a dark room!

The next movie was the 1.30pm session of The Bank Job which I saw after lunch. It’s lucky that the cinema that I saw the movies in had a shopping centre attached to it so I can get a decent lunch! Somewhat ironically, one of the previews was the next movie I was going to see, Tropic Thunder.

The final movie that I saw was the 4.15pm session of Tropic Thunder which I saw with Erk Pod panelist Big Jay. It was a long day but I saw three excellent movies which I will talk about in separate posts. I don’t think that I could have sat through another movie or two, though.

Movies on my to watch list based on the previews were Step Brothers, Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, Eagle Eye and finally Mirrors.


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