Movie Review – Dark Knight

Yesterday I saw Dark Knight, the latest movie in the Batman franchise. I must admit that I watched Batman as a kid on TV but I haven’t seen the series of movies recently.

Of course, this movie has been very heavily promoted and has been at the top of the Box Office charts for weeks. Events outside of the Bat Universe with the death of Heath Ledger (playing The Joker) soon after he finished filming the movie meant that many people would be focused on his performance. Indeed, some people like me would ask the question: “If Heath Ledger had been alive for the screening of this movie, would he still win the awards and accolades based purely on his performance?”

Indeed, I asked that question during Erk Pod Round Table 7 and I have asked several people who had seen the movie the same question. Most people I’d spoken to had answered the question by answering that dead or alive, Heath would indeed deserve the spoils of his efforts of starring in the movie.

So to answer that question first now having seen the movie for myself, the answer from me is indeed “yes”. If you didn’t know better, you’d think that Ledger was the star of the movie and that the movie would be “The Joker” movie with Batman as a support player. This is very much the case.

That’s not to say that Batman (played by Christian Bale) should be buried in the Bat Cemetery after his performance. In a lot of other movies and in different circumstances, I might be raving about Bale’s performance. I could imagine that it would be more difficult to play Batman and mild mannered Bruce Wayne which are two very different type of characters compared to someone playing the one character in the movie.

What really impressed me apart from Ledger’s performance was the special efforts and the general filming of the movie. The amount of effort that would have went into making the city look like the fictional Gotham City in itself was amazing. Then add the costumes and the earth shattering special efforts and you have a very visually pleasing movie, especially in a cinema environment.

The story was solid and you did not need an indepth knowledge of the Bat Universe. However if you are a Bat fanboy, you might have some complaints about the story and the acting. I’ll leave that opinion to a fanboy. Having said that though, I didn’t like the look of the Batmobile. The movie was super long at 152 minutes and could probably have been finished at a couple of points prior to the end of the movie quite easily. However, there is enough action and the story moves on so much that viewers will be happy with the way that the movie moves on.

Overall it was an excellent movie in every regard and an enjoyable experience that most people will enjoy. I give the movie 9 Batmobiles out of 10.



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2 responses to “Movie Review – Dark Knight

  1. We definitely enjoyed this movie, Erk. And I think Ledger’s performance is worthy of the praise he’s received, regardless of his death.

  2. Erk

    We will see what happens with the awards, Shawno. But yes, it was a great movie and a great performance from Ledger.

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