American news program production meeting

After a discussion on the Hyper Nonsense comments in relation to HN episode 125, I imagined a possible meeting that the head producer of the evening news in America could have to decide what stories get on the news and what stories don’t. I could imagine a massive conference call (video or audio) with a representative from each of the 50 states.

The conversation would go something like this:

California and New Jersey and possibly Illinois are screaming out “ask me! ask me! Lots happened today.” The producer would say “California, New Jersey and Illinois, you’ll get your turn. But we still have to ask Delaware, New Mexico and Ar-kans-us and Alaska if anything happened there today. And yes, Florida and Hawaii, we know it is sunny there! Wait your turn!”

Of course, there would not be much input from anyone from overseas. So the news would be dominated by happenings from California, New Jersey and Illinois.

Having said that, it was a thought mainly for comedy purposes only. I’d be interested to find out off our American friends about how the local bulletins are presented. Do they have a lot of local news followed by some national news followed by sport?

As an aside, on my cable TV service, I can watch CNN and Fox News as a part of the news and documentary section of the service.



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2 responses to “American news program production meeting

  1. Most network affiliates havelocal news at either 10PM (central time) or 11PM (everywhere else). They tend to lead with the “big news,” whether it’s local, national or international (though it’s rare than an international story would come first, unless it was highly relevant to something happening at home). Then weather, then sports, then sometimes there’s a “puff piece” to finish things out. You know, a story about a cat that “saved a kid’s life” or something like that. The cable news networks, such as those you’ve mentioned, aren’t the best example of what local news is like. They tend to focus more on national news.

  2. Erk


    We used to have a lot of late night news but that was mainly cut to save coin in the end. Only 1 commercial network has late night news and sport that usually goes for about 30 minutes each. Most of the news here is on at 6pm.

    The news usually runs as:

    Puff piece

    In regional areas you usually get a local version of their news before or after the Capital’s news.

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