Movie Review – Tropic Thunder

My final movie of my marathon was Tropic Thunder. Prior to watching the movie, I had heard mixed reviews about the movie. In the previews for the previous movie that I saw (The Bank Job), a preview of this movie was screened and it looked good from the trailer.

After 2 heavy movies, a comedy was just what I needed. The movie is a total piss-take on Hollywood and the movie making process and the war movie genre. I’m not a student of that genre apart from the movie Good Morning Vietnam and the TV series Tour of Duty.

While there are plenty of jokes that I did laugh at, there were some that totally fell flat on the first viewing for me. There is a lot of physical and observational humour in the movie and it would not have been an easy movie to make or an easy movie to star in.

The story features a group of actors making a war movie in Vietnam. After an explosion goes well but the cameras didn’t capture it, the studio wants action and fast. The new director wants action and believable emotion from the actors and goes about setting up cameras in the bush and a hard schedule. However the actors stumble across something a lot bigger than the movie they are starring in.

My opinion of the movie might change after a repeated viewing but overall I did enjoy it. It did seem to take forever to get from the middle to the end of the movie and the story seemed to drag it’s feet a little. Maybe I wanted more explosions?

If you understand the movie for what it is (a comedy) you will have a laugh. If you are expecting a series Vietnam war doco, you are shooting at the wrong target. 7 hand grenades out of 10.


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