Movie Review – The Bank Job

This movie is stated to be based on a true story in London in the early 1970’s. This in itself attracted me to this movie as a part of my movie marathon. How hard would it be to make 2008 London look like 1971 London? While I’ve never been to the city, I’ve seen enough of it on TV to know that the film makers went to a lot of effort to make it appear as though indeed I was in the era of free love.

The movie itself has many twists and turns. Because I’m not familiar with the story, it is hard to tell what is fact and what has been dramatised for the sake of the movie. There are several tangents to the story that may appear to be unrelated but in the end are very much so.

In a web of deceit, the plan is to rob a bank in London. The men in the gang think that they are up to the job despite not being bank robbers. They are focused on the coin and riches that would be in a bank vault that they are targeting. However, the lady of the gang is focused on some rather blue photos of a member of the Royal family that the powers that be do not want to see in the wrong hands. However, she is quite happy to let the men of the gang do the work and they’ll get what they want and she’ll get what she wants. Win/win, right? Everyone’s happy, right?

The robbery itself is quite ingenious and the Police receive a tip off about it. The response at times could be seen as comical but the movie could be just as much be about police corruption in the UK as it is about the Royal Family’s public image as much as it could be about the underbelly of society.

The acting is solid and the story moves along, even if I took some time to figure out who was who. While it is a serious movie, there are some funny parts as well. The story as presented is interesting and entertained me. It also makes me want to find out more about the real life crime. If the movie is any guide, that research might not be as easy as I thought it might be. If you enjoy suspense and whodunit movies, you will like this one. If you think it is going to be action action action (especially after having just seen Dark Knight), you may be a little disappointed.

Overall, I give it 8 Warrant Cards out of 10.


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