Empty Train

This train is almost ready to start its afternoon runs from my depot. The train’s destination indicator says “Empty Train”. While the train is indeed empty, the indicator should not be possible.

Due to a software error, the train displays the destinations on the Tangara list of destinations which is a totally different and out of date list compared to the list usually on this train type. Ironically, most Tangara destination indicators can not be seen due to a design fault (in my opinion).

Indeed, “Empty Train” is not available on this type of train as a destination. Instead, a driver can either show “Not in Service” or “Special” to indicate to passengers that this is not a passenger service.



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2 responses to “Empty Train

  1. I drove this train last night from c’town to sydney terminal and I was acctually able to display sydney terminal as the desto because of this error/faut. I thought it was great!!! After all I am a desto nazi!!!!

  2. Erk

    Squeak, it would be super if the destos can be updated so all possible locations can be displayed! ;)

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