This post f**king brought to you by bl**dy Aggressive Guy!

As part of a new campaign to crack down on anti social behaviour on Sydney’s trains and stations, a series of print and station advertising has been launched to reinforce that anti social behaviour such as being aggressive, drinking alcohol & smoking are offences. The penalities can be a $400 on the spot fine, removal from the train or station or up to a $5500 fine and/or 3 months jail if the matter is taken to court.

One such ad is the “Aggressive Guy” advertisement. It is meant to highlight that aggressive behaviour such as by “Aggressive Guy” is not on. It is certainly a far cry from previous station posters. I can recall one station post about the various rules and regulations that would take someone half an hour to read if they bothered to. The theory is that if the ad attracts your attention, you will be more likely to at least look at it. It has also been featured in the media and one letter in today’s Terrorgraph wonders why money would be spent making the Aggressive Guy doll. Does he think that the Aggressive Guy doll will be available for sale at a station or at a toy store?



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2 responses to “This post f**king brought to you by bl**dy Aggressive Guy!

  1. Do they have a Drunk Guy, too?

  2. Erk

    Shawno, one of Aggressive Guy’s accessories is a bottle of beer. So you could say that he is Drunk Guy as well.

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