Episode 136 of Erk Pod nearly did not happen…….

Drue and I recorded episode 136 of Erk Pod on Friday night. Right after we finished recording, I was about to save the file with the EP filename for later editing and the program that I use to record disappeared into thin air! After some mild panic, I managed to find the file (thankfully) but I could not find the program itself. I checked the file and it was OK and I saved it. I saw a dialogue box briefly that mentioned a trojan horse.

I reset the computer and thought I’d do a virus scan. I’d actually done a successful virus scan the other day. Halfway through the scan, I got a windows Blue Screen of Death. After recovering from that, I shut down the computer and left for home a bit later.

When I returned home, I did a clean up of the computer (temp files and the like) and found that there was Vista SP1 ready to install. So I installed that and then did another virus scan. This time, the scan got all the way through and it revealed 11 Trojan Horses! Needless to say, that isn’t good. This is despite me running a firewall and regular scans. Also, there was no strange computer behaviour in the week leading up to this problem.

With the scan completed and the Trojan Horses in Quarrantine (just like the real thing, recently!), I so far have not had any further dramas. But we were SO SO SO SO close to not having an episode 136 at all so please listen to it and enjoy it!



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3 responses to “Episode 136 of Erk Pod nearly did not happen…….

  1. Glad you didn’t lose the recording. And I can’t blame Trojan horses for any of my audio foul-ups. Those were due pretty much just to my own stupidity.

  2. Time to get a Mac, or Linux! I will go hide now!

  3. Erk

    And I have you on tape saying that you are a Mac fanboy, Richard! :P

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