Erk Pod 136 – Show Notes. “Hello Catherine! Bye bye, Premier!”

Erk Pod episode 136 – 81 minutes

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Welcome to episode 136 of Erk Pod. In this episode:

  • Drue is on a stretch of night shift and Erk shares some night shift stories.
  • Computer says no about fatigue management.
  • Who is more tired: Erk after working night shift or people on their way to work in the morning?
  • Congratulations to the Orange Tim family for their new addition today.
  • Shawno was listening to us on a bus
  • Erk & Drue dissect the recent changes in the NSW Parliament this week and today with a new Premier, Deputy Premier and a soon to be a new cabinet
  • Erk pretends to be Drue as someone pretends to be Morris Iemma on Twitter so Drue pretends to be Morris Iemma to tell the story
  • Erk thought of getting the Twitter user name of @captain_obvious but some peanut took it and only has used it twice.
  • Twitter tools on mobiles.
  • Mobile phone talk after Erk had a look at BJ the Research Guy’s iPhone the other day.
  • Twitter is a good tool for seeing what people are complaining about.
  • Erk listens to podcasts to fall asleep often.
  • Drue introduces Erk to the new Google browser Chrome. Drue loves it.
  • Erk got his zoom button fixed on his phone.
  • It was strange for Erk to see his phone in pieces on the workbench.
  • Drue is debating about his next phone.
  • Randomness from Bunny.
  • Bunny Alert!
  • Drue’s sick of hearing about the US Election and he is in Australia! Imagine how our American friends must feel!
  • Australian news for Bunny.
  • Self Educate Erk: Ramadan.
  • Erk needs to read Grammar Girl’s book.
  • Various Ramadan and fasting FAQ discussions.
  • Various holidays and working.
  • What religion has the most public holidays or festivals?
  • Why have a Labour Day holiday for the workers if the workers have to work?
  • Declaring your religion and other things you do outside work.
  • Erk could be in a minority group?
  • People overloaded by passwords etc.
  • Man sells his own Virgin Mary tattoo.
  • Erk’s review of the movies Dark Knight, The Bank Job and Tropic Thunder that he saw last weekend.
  • Drue didn’t know until Erk told him recently that we are reasonably close to a Drive In complex.
  • Erk reviews a new TV cop drama “Rush” which is a lot different so far than other Aussie police dramas. It is based around a SWAT/Tactical Response team. It’s pretty cool after episode 1.
  • Drue goes to set his Media Centre up to record Rush for next week only to be met with a question mark when the show should be on. Media Centre Guide FAIL.
  • What would happen if Bunny announced the time every 30 minutes?
  • Goodnight interweb!

Sources: Fairfax Media, News Limited, Ramadan Awareness Campaign, Anastacia the Erk Pod Bunny



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4 responses to “Erk Pod 136 – Show Notes. “Hello Catherine! Bye bye, Premier!”

  1. Orange Tim

    Thanks for mentioning the birth of Catherine at the beginning of the show! Not even 48 hours old and she’s already been on Erk Pod! Maybe I’ll bring her to Erk Pod RT9!!!

    Did you guys ever see the HSU (Health Services Union) poster of Costa and Dr Evil? It’s up on the walls at work. Will grab a pic of it when I can. Its too funny!

    Oh and thanks for the new OTTPPG promo! Cool! Mmmm. Now I just need some intro music! LOL!

  2. Way back on HN 006 I put forth my idea for the Church of Universal Religiosity. It’s a religion you can take on specifically for the purpose of declaring holidays based on all major religions. So, as a Religiosisist, you could take Christmas, Passover and Ramadan, and in turn ask for all of them off from work.

    and yeah, that Costa dude does look like Dr. Evil. LOLZ.

    I listened to this episode while cooking dinner (spaghetti with Ben the podcast trader’s pasta sauce recipe FTW!) and then later while washing dishes. Just thought I’d share that as I mentioned what I was doing while listening to Erk Pod 135 as well.

  3. In regards to the conversation about the rules of fasting:

    When you two got to the part about “can you bite your nails when fasting?”, you read that the rules state that one is not allowed to swallow anything, even if it’s not food, while fasting. And then, the rules state “however, swallowing doesn’t accidently break your fast”, in regards to “not food”. So… I suppose this answers the question you had about “something else” that can be swallowed, that you couldn’t mention because Erk Pod does not have an explicit tag, huh? It seems the rules allow for that particular “not food”, (and it somehow does not count as breaking your fast?)… Although, now that I think about it, I wonder if one can be a Muslim and still be allowed to do the events that would lead to that particular question in the first place. :)

  4. Erk

    Jen, I don’t think that you are allowed to have “special cuddles” during the day during that time, either! ;)

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