I remember September 11

Seven years might have passed but today marks the 7 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. I remember the many thousands of people killed and injured including hundreds of Emergency Services workers who ran in while the public were trying to escape.

I remember having started Train Guard school for the second time and hearing about the attacks on the radio when I’d woken up that morning. For people who were awake the previous night, it was older news to them but new news to me. I remember listening to Triple M’s breakfast radio pairing of Andrew Denton and Amanda Keller taking call after call from people who had watched the tragedy unfound. While this was happening, I read the first of many reports in the Terrorgraph.

When I got the the College of Knowledge, people gathered around the one TV screen in the canteen area. I remember nothing of what actually was taught that day, if anything. Each break we had, people would be off to the canteen again to watch the solo TV.

When I got home I watched the TV for hours watching the events unfold live and on replay. I remember hearing the song “Amazing Grace” and thinking that it was so sad with those pictures. In the end I turned off the screen as the same images were being played over and over again.

It was a combination of September 11, my previous job in a security control room, mates’ involvement and the bushfires in my local area over the upcoming Xmas of 2001 that led me to become a volunteer in the NSW Rural Fire Service.

While we have moved on a lot in the last 7 years, I still think from time to time about how awful it would have been to have been personally involved in the events of Septemer 11, 2001. It could be argued that the one day of September 11 2001 changed the world forever.



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5 responses to “I remember September 11

  1. You mean you remember September 12 then? :P

    I was waiting for Star Trek to come on the telly. The late night news come on, and it stayed on for the next day. Being in Year 12 at the time, many people the next day were very shaken about what had happened, so you could pretty much say that a day this close to the HSC that year was pretty much a write off.

  2. Pat

    I remember waking up and reading an email from a mate, something about a terrorist attack on america…I thought it was a joke and I didn’t actually realise how bad it was until I got to uni, and another friend told me what happened. I don’t think I went to any lectures that day – we went to one of the tutorial rooms and watched the news from the tv…watching the footage of those planes repeatedly crashing into the towers, I couldn’t really believe it.

  3. Erk

    Interesting memories. Thanks for sharing, Drue and Pat.

  4. I am still catching up on all the blog postings here, so, here is a somewhat late comment.
    Shawno and I woke up on September 11 listening to a radio morning show. The host mentioned that a plane just flew into one of the two towers of the world train center. We both decided to go turn on the tv, especially since said morning host was notorious for saying all kinds of insane stuff, and trying to get people to believe it as truth. We were watching the news, and watched, live, the second plane crashing into the tower.

    To this day, I cannot look at images from September 11th without feeling exactly what I felt as I watched it happen on live tv. There is a giant book in my store that is filled with photographs taken by the only photographer who was allowed to go in as they were trying to recover bodies from the wreckage. I can’t bring myself to even pick up this book.

    Now, of course, Shawno and I were near Chicago when it happened, and that is pretty far away from New York City. Still, words cannot describe what I felt as I watched the plane crash into the tower on live tv.

  5. Erk

    World Train Centre, Jen? LOL

    Seriously though, it would have been awful to hear it sounding like a joke and then actually seeing it was true. I don’t know if anyone appreciated the scale of what became 9/11 at first.

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