Erk Pod 137 – Show Notes. “Erk, Drue, Bunny & the H4”

Erk Pod episode 137 – 74 minutes

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Welcome to Erk Pod episode 137 with Erk & Drue. In this episode:

  • Welcome to the episode
  • It’s a nice day outside today!
  • This episode was recorded on Erk’s Zoom H4 recorder with Erk, Drue and Anastacia.
  • Message from Vanya to be played on the next episode.
  • Erk has been reading his Double Trouble books. He has read “The Case of The Singing Sword” and is now on “The Case of the Pitcher’s Pendant”.
  • Drue thinks that Erk should read Grammar Girl’s book next.
  • Erk’s usual grammar joke dies
  • Please don’t turn off!
  • Australian Prime Minster Kevin Rudd is overseas again.
  • Drue proofreading the article on the fly because someone else didn’t?
  • Bunny Alert
  • Raising pension rates and politicians saying that they couldn’t afford to live on the pension
  • Fly or teleconference?
  • Should the Prime Minister go to the Olympics?
  • NSW Minister sacked after dancing around in his underwear
  • Would Drue or Erk get away with the same thing at work?
  • Voting for legislation at 2am
  • Alcohol in workplaces
  • Banning balloons in public parks
  • There are plenty of things for councils to worry about rather than balloons, surely?
  • Ben the Podcast Trader refills Drue’s drink
  • 25 minutes? Is that all?
  • Emergency Departments in hospitals under the spotlight again
  • Cutting money for services under the new State Government
  • Paying for parking at railway stations
  • The new look Facebook site is upsetting so many users. But are Facebook going to just do what they want anyway?
  • On air production meeting locking in the date for Round Table 9.
  • Round Table 9 will be on Sunday 28 September at 12pm Sydney time.
  • We don’t want to have the September Round Table in October
  • Bunny Alert
  • Double Decker buses
  • Liveish traffic report from Drue via Orange Tim via Twitter
  • Public Transport crimes rise in Victoria and are higher than Sydney, London and New York.
  • Mid story shout out
  • Comparing apples and oranges?
  • Bunny Alert
  • Back to the story
  • Bunny Alert
  • Back to the story
  • Bunny Alert
  • Bunny Alert
  • Back to the story again
  • Premium and Easy Access stations
  • Examples of crime
  • Bunny Alert
  • Back to the story again
  • Comparing Sydney and Melbourne’s rail systems
  • Bunny Alert
  • Back to the Story
  • Score!
  • Yawn!
  • Drue’s going to a Trivia Night next week
  • Answer to an Educate Erk question last week – why is Google Chrome called Chrome? Thanks for the answer, Trevor!
  • Another funny Hilter video based on NSW Politics here
  • Insert song here!
  • The inserted song is “Club Fantasy” by Harmony
  • Drue’s fan club (Drue has a fan club?) will have an announcement soon – stay tuned!
  • Goodnight, interweb!


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4 responses to “Erk Pod 137 – Show Notes. “Erk, Drue, Bunny & the H4”

  1. It’s so funny to hear Drue get frustrated with bunny at the end of the show. But geez, Erk. You’re subscribed to a lot of feeds, there. Think we only added a couple beyond the default two or three. Maybe we should add some more, though.

    Anyway, great episode, guys. Nice to hear a few cameos by Ben the podcast trader, too.

    Question: Erk, did you mic bunny with an actual microphone? Or did you just open/close her channel during the alerts? Just curious as I’m such an audio nerd.

  2. Erk

    G’day Shawno

    Bunny is unpredictable, that’s for sure! And some of Drue’s reactions were priceless.

    What we did on this episode because I didn’t use the mixer etc was to use my mic in front of Bunny. We didn’t use cans so Drue couldn’t always hear what Bunny was saying. What I might do next time is to connect Bunny to the H4 and for Drue and I to wear cans. I cranked Bunny’s audio in post to boost her signal a bit.

    And I’ve changed some of the settings with the feeds so we’ll see what happens (or doesn’t) next time! ;)

  3. I just got on crackbook, I mean, facebook, a few days ago, (as you both know). I’ve never seen the old design. Sounds like it must have been awesome, if so many people are upset about the changes. All I know is that so far, facebook seems to work better and faster than myspace.

    Do you have double decker busses out there in Australia? We don’t have them here in the US. The only ones I’ve been on were in the UK, and that was years ago.

    And that’s quite a lot of bunny alerts! ;)

  4. Erk

    Myspace was the place to be and I guess it still is for music, Jen. I am still trying to figure out where they have moved everything on Crackbook. Maybe you are lucky that you only know the new version!

    We mainly have double deck buses now at museums or on tourist services. Especially here in Sydney, double decker buses were popular until they figured out that instead of having 2 people (a driver and a conductor) that one person could do both jobs. Having said that, there are talks of a modern version of a double decker returning to the streets of Sydney soon. Double Deck Bus Pod? :P

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