Erk Pod has a cup of tea…….

Prior to Round Table 7, Erk started listening to the Tea & Chat podcast and has been listening ever since. In each episode, Stephen the host samples a different variety of tea and talks about the taste and the flavour. Most weeks, he also interviews an author or a podcaster. He is very passionate about his tea and his chat and books and podcast fiction.

A couple of episodes ago, Stephen said that he was having some issues with his episodes where some listeners were only able to download small parts of the show. Eager to help a fellow podcaster, I suggested using a dedicated podcast host like Mevio (aka Podshow) rather than using WordPress to host the blog and MP3 files.

While it is early days, Stephen has followed my advice and hopefully things will be OK with his downloads from now on. As a thank you to me, Stephen spoke about Erk Pod and played a promo on Tea and Chat episode 19. Not surprisingly, he picked a book related promo when Erk, Drue and Orange Tim were talking about the “For Dummies” series of books.

So if you are visiting Erk Pod as a result of listening to Tea and Chat, welcome! Or as we say down under, G’day! Enjoy your visit to Erk Pod and have a look and listen around the site!


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