2008 Podcast Awards – People’s Choice

Nominations are now open for the 2008 Podcast Awards. This is the 4th year of the awards and nominations are now open for podcasts to be nominated categories related to their shows. Each person can only nominate once using the nomination form that contains all of the podcast categories. Each person can only nominate a podcast in one category in addition to the Peoples Choice and Best Produced podcast awards. For instance, you can not nominate the same podcast in the Entertainment and General categories.

I am not begging for anyone to nominate Erk Pod or any of the other podcasts that I’ve mentioned on the show. If you feel that we deserve nominating, please feel free to do so HERE in whichever category you choose. The number of nominations partly determine which shows are going to be voted on.

Also, please be sure to double check the rules before nominating, especially for other podcasts other than Erk Pod that you may listen to. Seeing as though you can’t nominate Erk Pod for every category, feel free to nominate some of the other podcasts and podcasters you listen to.

After nominations, there is a review process and then a voting process before winners are announced. Nominations close at 7.59pm on Wednesday 01 October (Sydney time) so there isn’t long to nominate!



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3 responses to “2008 Podcast Awards – People’s Choice

  1. BJ

    Good luck Erk. I voted, but I’ll ‘fess up – the only reason I voted was so I could leave a comment to tell you that I had voted, so that I would hear Bunny read my comment out on your next show. But seriously – thanks for letting me know about the vote. I went for my circle of favs – EP, WTPC, HN, and a few others. Over to you now, Bunny.

  2. handball, YES! We used to play it before school, morning tea and lunch, and after school while waiting for the bus. We had dunce, jack, queen and king for our positions, but we used to also have epic 12 square matches that spanned the whole court! Ah, those were the days :)

    Good show guys, and cheers for the shout-out! And druey was right about the pronunciation – erk educated! shame anastacia had performance anxiety :p

  3. Erk

    BJ – what category did you nominate Erk Pod in? Thanks for the nomination. Bunny didn’t read the comments on EP 139 but hopefully she will next time!

    Pat – Thanks for commenting. I’m not quite sure why you commented on this post rather than the Show Notes for EP 138 though ;) Handball was rather cool. I wish I was as wise about things at school as I am now!

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