Erk Pod 130 – Live Podcasting Interview with “The Podcast Sisters”

Erk Pod episode 130 – 27 minutes

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Welcome to episode 130 of Erk Pod. This is an interview where instead of asking the questions, Erk is answering them. This episode sees Erk being interviewed by Heather and Krishna from The Podcast Sisters podcast about Live Podcasting, specifically in relation to the Erk Pod Round Tables which are held monthly. The aim of The Podcast Sisters shows are to inform and educate people (primarily but exclusively women) about the interweb, social media, podcasting and more and about how you can use these tools based on the experiences of the hosts and others.

This interview was conducted totally on Skype with Heather in the north of England, Krishna in Ireland and Erk in Australia. The interview was recorded in mid August while Erk was driving to work on the morning of Monday 18 August and was recorded prior to the recording of Erk Pod Round Table 8.

In this interview that merely scrapes the surface of live podcasting, we compare live podcasting with pre-recorded podcasting, talk about how the panelists and hosts are connected, the equipment used, Web tools and programs used and more.

This interview forms the major part of episode 59 of the Podcast Sisters. To read full show notes and to download the entire episode, visit the Sisters’ episode’s Show Notes here. Thank you to Heather and Krishna for the interview and thank you for Krishna for allowing me to use the audio to form an Erk Pod episode. Indeed, it was my first time talking to podcasters in the European area of the world. It was a very enjoyable experience being a interviewee and also being able to share some of the experience gained as a result of being a part of an Erk Pod Round Table.



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2 responses to “Erk Pod 130 – Live Podcasting Interview with “The Podcast Sisters”

  1. Informative interview, Erk.

  2. Erk

    Thanks, Shawno! As you know, there is a lot to live podcasting and there is only so much one can say in a short time based on 8 (coming up to 9) Round Tables! ;)

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