Erk Pod 138 – Show Notes. “The long and the short”

Erk Pod episode 138 – 47 minutes

[Right click to download episode]

Welcome to Erk Pod episode 139. In this episode we experiment with recording with the Zoom H4 recorder combined with the mixer setup. In this episode:

  • Intro
  • Drue has a Fan Club on Facebook. Click here to visit the Group.
  • Round Table 9 next weekend (Sunday 28 September in Australia, Saturday 27 September in the US)
  • Shout out to Pat @limburger2001
  • Erk & Drue went to Trivia during the week. A good time was had by all.
  • Erk decided to connect Bunny during the show instead of prior to the show. Bunny didn’t connect.
  • Message from Vanya
  • Nominations for the 2008 Podcast Awards are now open. Feel free to nominate Erk Pod. Nominations close on 1 October 2008 at 7.59pm Sydney time.
  • We already have one nomination for the 2008 Podcast Awards thanks to BJ the Research Guy. Thanks, BJ!
  • Podcast Awards categories
  • Trying to fix Bunny
  • QANTAS delays interweb on their new Airbus A380 planes
  • Interweb in the air and in hotels
  • The new Facebook and the new Twitter
  • Educate Erk – American Handball V Australian Handball
  • Playing handball at school
  • The world’s shortest man meets a leggy woman for the launch of the Guinness Book of World Records in London
  • Upskirting action?
  • World records
  • Hotel sacks all male workers after they sleep with the guests
  • Book reviews of “Case of the Singing Sword” and “Case of the Pitcher’s Pendant, both by Tee Morris.
  • Erk will soon get started on the other Double Trouble books.
  • Erk has started reading Grammar Girl’s book
  • Shout out to Ben the Podcast Trader
  • Drue pushes the Goodnight interweb button.
  • Good night interweb

Above – The shortest man in the world and the leggiest woman in the world. Photo AP



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11 responses to “Erk Pod 138 – Show Notes. “The long and the short”

  1. M

    errr… right click where exactly?

  2. Erk

    G’day Marnie, you must have caught the page as I was uploading the file. It is now there and available for download.

  3. Shit you must’ve been up late.. that was at about 3am!

  4. Hey, just a thought.. You should install a plug in to notify people who’ve commented of follow up comments. It saves them coming back to check for replies… and well, who doesn’t love getting emails?

  5. Erk

    Marnie #1 (LOL) – I finished editing and writing the show notes about 3am. I’m not a morning person (thank you, Captain Obvious!) and most days even if I am not working, I’ll get up about lunchtime and go to bed after midnight. That’s just the way I roll, especially considering I only had Saturday off.

    Marnie #2 – I checked the WP forum and it appears that with this WP hosted version, the only way that will be possible is to subscribe to the comments feed the comments RSS feed.

    The comments RSS feed is at

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever played the handball game you described in this show. When I was in grade school, soccer was all the rage, and a game called “Four Square”.

  7. Erk

    Jen, apart from handball at my schools we used to play cricket in summer and touch football and soccer in winter.

    What was Four Square?

  8. I think I remember Four Square… was that where you all stand in your own ‘square’ and hit the ball all different ways?

  9. Yes, Marnie, that was what Four Square was all about. We had all these different names for specific ways to bounc the ball back at someone else’s square. It quickly turns into an intense competition.

  10. Erk

    Marnie and Jen, it sounds like a modified version of the handball that Drue and I used to play. I presume you used a tennis ball?

  11. Four Square rules. I’d play that right now if someone asked me to.

    Glad you were able to save this episode by the way, Erk. Enjoyed it.

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