Erk calls Shenanigans on Stephanie Rice

I’m going to call Shenanigans on Australian Olympic swimmer and Gold medalist Stephanie Rice. There’s no doubt the woman can swim and she is easy on the eye but is she being over exposed and is she becoming a princess?

First of all prior to the Olympics, there was the breakup between her and her then boyfriend Eamon Sullivan, who is also an Olympic swimmer. The media saw their change of relationship status on Facebook and ran with it as Facebook as their solo source of the story that made the front page. It was then said that the break up occurred to allow both of them to concentrate on their pre-Olympic build up and that a long distance relationship isn’t what they needed right now. Fair enough.

Then the Olympics came and it was a case of Hot Rice with the swimmer winning gold in some events. As a result of the Ricemania, Channel 7 signed her up including for the program “Make Me a Super Model”.

Anyhoo, after the Olympics, Rice turned cold as she was supposed to do a national tour with Sullivan for the brand of underwear that they promoted prior to the Olympics. And what were they saying earlier about pre-Olympic distractions? Cold Rice said that she had a mild case of pneumonia where her doctor said that she shouldn’t be flying around the country. She did one appearance in Sydney and cut short an appearance in her home town of Brisbane.

However, this didn’t stop her from being on the TV filming “Make Me a Super Model” and going to cocktail parties. And then just to top things off, the previous week saw Olympic welcome home parades (which is the subject of another blogpost in itself) throughout the country. It was reported in the media (as the rest of the happenings have been) that she would only be boiled (well) enough to appear in her hometown parade in Brisbane. But where was she for the remaining parades? She wasn’t on her sick bed but having a 8 day Adventure holiday somewhere in Asia! That would be like me calling in sick for work and going to the cricket and streaking on the pitch and getting caught. Then my work would be asking me “why were you are the cricket if you were supposed to be sick?”

So I’m going to call Shenanigans on the whole thing and her fans and the people who give rich Rice her coin (such as Channel 7, the underwear company) should be doing the same thing.



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2 responses to “Erk calls Shenanigans on Stephanie Rice

  1. I say “boo” to all these Olympic athletes.

    Just boo.

  2. Erk

    Wait until I bang on about the Olympic Welcome Home parade, Shawno! :P

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