Haiku of Frustration #1 by Erk – Peanut At Traffic Lights

Peanut at Traffic Lights

Attention peanut
Turn your indicators on
When you are turning!

I wrote this haiku for Jen’s website Haiku of Frustration. I was at a set of traffic lights near my house on Saturday. There were two lanes. The left lane is for turning left or going straight ahead and the right lane is for going straight ahead or turning right. There are no arrows on the road or a sign saying that you must use a particular lane to turn.

So I was stopped at the lights in behind this guy in the right hand lane. The guy (who was the first car) did not have his indicator on so I assumed that he was going straight ahead just like I was. When the lights changed after a couple of minutes, the guy puts his indicator on to turn right.

After waiting for a car going straight ahead to come across from the opposite direction, he turned and then I could then go straight. Had he of had his indicator on to turn right, I could have got into the left hand lane and got around him easily.

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