Sydney’s Olympic Welcome Home Parade

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few days. If they gave out a gold medal in procrastination, I’d win gold on this occasion.

After the recent Olympics in China (home of many rabbits), there were welcome home parades for the Olympians. With a country the size of Australia and that the athletes themselves would probably want to march in their home state’s parade, they decide to have several parades in the capital cities of the mainland states.

Sydney’s parade was the first parade held on Monday 15 September. There were a lot of comments in relation about having the event on a weekday. The event was presumably held during the week so office workers can see the parade during their lunchtime. The parade is usually held around lunchtime because obviously it can’t happen during the peak hours unless you are the Pope. Then the Police need some time to close the road and then open it again. But because it usually turns out to be a tickertape parade, there needs to be time to clean the street before it is re-opened to traffic.

The major complaint that some people had about the parade was that the Paralympians weren’t invited and some people thought that the Paralympians should have been at the event. No one in the popular media seemed to point out that the main reason the Paralympians couldn’t be in the parade is because the Paralympics was still going at the time! What were they supposed to do? Leave the competition to take part in the parade?

Let’s say that the Paralympics was over? What then? Then some people would say that the Olympians should come first. Then people would say that means that people are putting down the Paralympians down by having them at the end of the parade.

Personally I think that separate parades are the way to go. It would give each group the respect they deserve without one group overshadowing the other. The only thing that would mean is two parades and two disruptions to city traffic and business. Or do they need a parade at all? And don’t get me started on calling Olympians heroes!

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