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NaPodPoMo is now here!

EDIT: In the Erk Pod universe, it is now the start of NaPodPoMo (National Podcast Post Month) with Erk, Drue, Orange Tim and Squeak producing separate daily podcasts. We have been preparing and TODAY is time to speak up and get the job done! You can follow all the action via the NaPodPoMo page on this site with show pages for each person. You can hear all 4 shows on the Erk Pod Mini feed or the combined NaPodPoMo feed with many of the NaPodPoMo shows on the one feed.


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New Podsafe Music provider for Erk Pod!

Erk is pleased to announce that Erk Pod can now feature music from Ariel Publicity. For some time, Richard from the Wasting Time podcast has been playing music from Ariel Publicity’s artists. However, it was not until the most recent Geek News Central podcast that I learnt that Blubrry (Erk Pod’s podcast community) now has a relationship with Ariel Publicity.

So Erk Pod now has access to a lot more music. During a Round Table, we usually play about 5 or 6 songs. On the weekly Erk Pod episodes, would you like to hear a song too?

Stay tuned to Erk Pod for a lot more entertainment, talk and music!

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Rant Cupboard for Richard

I saw this open Fire Hydrant cupboard at work the other day. Before I closed it, I got a photo of it. I thought of our mate Richard from the Wasting Time podcast and how he likes to rant. I thought that the Rant Cupboard would give Richard a laugh and some cover art!

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Photocopier FAIL

Last night I was wanting to do some photocopying at the Fire Control Centre and I got what I think was an error message.

I only knew it was an error message because it was in red and I was not getting my copying done.

I am presuming it is written in Japanese!


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Erk Pod 154 – Official Opening of the new Erk Pod Studio

Erk Pod episode 154 – 47 minutes

[Right click to download episode]

Welcome to episode 154 of Erk Pod with Erk and Drue in the new Erk Pod Studio. In this episode:

  • Round Table post mortem
  • New Erk Pod Studio!
  • No Bunny!
  • Nathan’s box is now at the Erk Pod Studio
  • Erk appearing with Shawno on Hyper Nonsense episode 133
  • Taking Shawno around the country
  • Drue had 3G Optus FAIL. Bad Optus!
  • Voicemails from episode 150
  • Erk has been asked not to do the “Call me” voice again
  • NaPodPoMo (aka Nannapoopoo) update
  • NaPodPoMo contest that Drue thought up on the spot
  • Paramedics hurt in DUI smash
  • Newsreader and journalism FAIL
  • Who do you treat first in a crash involving your Ambulance?
  • Chicks dig Geeks?
  • Disco could save your life!
  • Whale killed by boat
  • Trying to finish the episode on a happy note
  • Does Erk’s train have indicators?
  • Train Myth Busters
  • How has Drue found driving the ship?
  • Drue steers the train while Erk drives it?
  • Leader!
  • Good night interweb
  • BONUS – Off air production meeting

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Erk on episode 133 of Hyper Nonsense

Hyper Nonsense episode 133 – 114 minutes

[Right click to download episode from Hyper Nonsense]

[Hyper Nonsense website]

After more than 5 hours of podcasting on Saturday for Erk Pod Round Table 10, I was at work on Sunday afternoon as Mr Shed. I took my laptop to work and was doing some editing when I saw a message from Shawno from Hyper Nonsense who on Twitter was looking for someone to record an episode with him. So I put my hand up and spent nearly the next two hours on the show.

During this time, I was working and you will get to hear that during this episode that was recorded by Shawno while I was (safely) on my Nokia N95 on Skype. During the recording I went to KFC for dinner and (safely) moved some trains around the depot. We covered various topics including a wrap up of Erk Pod Round Table 10, train driving, travel costs, NaPodPoMo and a lot more. It was a lot of fun talking to Shawno. It certainly helped the day pass by a lot quicker!

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Round Table 10 (episodes 150 – 153) Show Notes



Erk Pod Round Table 10 (incorporating episode 150) was recorded on Saturday 25 October (Sydney time) at the Erk Pod Studio.


In the Erk Pod studio was:

  • Erk (host)
  • Drue (co-host)
  • Orange Tim
  • Leigh the Voice Over Guy
  • Squeak (on floor)

Joining in via Skype at various stages were:

Most music is courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network

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