2008 Podcast Awards nominations CLOSED

Nominations have now closed for the 2008 Podcast Awards. As far as I am aware, Erk Pod has been nominated in the People’s Choice, General, Comedy and Entertainment categories.

Now that nominations have closed, the nominations will be examined and the podcasts reviewed by a team of 44 listeners. For each category, the top 10 podcasts will be put to the public vote. This means that there will be 220 shows to vote on across all categories. During the nominations process, there were more than 281 000 listeners who nominated shows and over 2.2 million page views to the entire website.

The final nominees will be announced on line LIVE on Sunday 19 October at 4pm West Coast US time which is 10am Sydney time on Monday 20 October. Voting will then commence for the finalists.


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One response to “2008 Podcast Awards nominations CLOSED

  1. Am interested to see the results. I don’t think for even one minute that my podcast will be a finalist, and that’s fine. Best of luck to you and the Erk Pod crew!

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