Round Table 9 – Fail Table 9? RT Post Mortem

On Sunday my time, Drue and I recorded Erk Pod Round Table 9. It was a rather quiet day in the studio, possibly the smallest Round Table so far in terms of people in the Studio. Out of the usual studio participants, Orange Tim was at an SES Awards ceremony, Squeak was at an RFS Training session in the south of the state near Canberra, Leigh the Voice Over Guy was sick, BJ the Research Guy was having a PJ Day, Nathan joined us on Skype and Ben the Podcast Trader made a small cameo. In this regard, Drue and I both noticed a difference in the studio vibe with only us in the studio. Orange Tim unexpectedly joined us in the studio very late as he was earlier than expected and that contributed to the length of the Round Table.

On Skype, we had Richard & Steve to begin with and we were later joined by Nathan, Shawno & Jen. Unfortunately during some stages, the Skype quality was easily the worst we have ever had during a Round Table. I can’t recall ever having to restart the Skype conference merely to get a better connection.

This Round Table saw the debut of Drue’s new webcam and the images looked really good from what I have seen. It also allowed a greater video of the studio and surrounds. There was not a repeat of the issue that we had at the start of Round Table 8.

There were some audio issues in relation to people on Skype not being able to hear sound effects and songs for some time. This was despite doing nothing different to previous Round Tables. We eventually found it was probably due to the webcam fighting with Skype in relation to the audio Skype was using as the default. At the start of the episode, the USB interface/mixer was set as default but somehow the webcam decided to take over. Once Drue disabled the audio from the webcam, it was no problem.

Meanwhile over on uStream, there was no such problem as the USB Interface/Mixer remained as the default audio. During the time where the sound effects/songs were going through the studio headphones and uStream, it wasn’t going over Skype.

There also were some audio levels issues which I hope to solve with help from Drue, Richard & Shawno and a new mixer. For the Round Tables, I believe we have outgrown our current mixer (again!) and a better mixer will allow better control of the overall audio levels and that of each person.

Apart from all those issues, I was very happy between the mix of the Round Table and both the serious and not so serious sides of the Round Table and the people who took part. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the next Round Table hopefully with a new mixer.

I am seriously thinking of disabling the chat function as we have at times found it to be a serious distraction. Any feedback in this regard would be welcomed. Thank you once again to Drue and all of the panelists for appearing. I hope that all the listeners who download the episodes enjoy it!



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6 responses to “Round Table 9 – Fail Table 9? RT Post Mortem

  1. We had a great time, as always. Even through the FAIL parts. It’s always a science project to get all of this equipment to work how you want it to. And while Skype is good, it still has its drawbacks at times. I would like to say that I was NOT Torrenting during this Round Table! So that didn’t have anything to do with it. Excited to see what mixer you get next. Seems like podcasting is all about the upgrades after awhile.

  2. Hello, from the East Side of the Pond. I had a great time on the Round Table. I have to agree with Shawno that even the FAILs were fun. Maybe not so much for you. I like the Chat feature, but don’t let that hold you back from cutting it. I was using it a lot, so sorry if I was causing some of the distractions you were talking about. I’ll try and control myself next time. After I got off the show you guys started talking about the future of podcasting and it was such a great discussion I had to stay and listen for awhile. Finally went to to bed only to be woken up by the pager 3 hours later to respond in to work for a Hostage Barricade Situation. I was not a happy camper. We are planning a live show the weekend of October 11 and would love to try and get some of you on as guests. Let me know if you are available. Steve

  3. Erk

    Hey Shawno & Steve. I’m glad you both joined us. It was a blast! As you’ll read elsewhere, I’ve got a new mixer so the next RT will be better yet in terms of being easier for us and more control of audio.

    I’m quite happy for people on the RT to talk to each other via the Skype chat but I’m more concerned with the uStream chat with listeners. Because of the amount of FAIL and that I usually don’t monitor the chat anyway (I leave that to Drue), it was hard for us to chat and try to fix things on the fly.

    Steve, I’ve sent you a DM on Twitter regarding the weekend of October 11. It’s a shame you didn’t make your reunion. Hopefully you’ll get to see your buddies soon.

  4. Orange Tim

    Better late than never, I always say! It was funny hearing Druey on the podcast say “It’s Orange Tim!” after answering the bat phone.

    As you say Live podcasting has its fair share of dramas. Is streaming video through uStream causing dramas???

    There is alwasys TalkShoe or ooVoo. I found this I’d be happy to test any of these options with you guys.

  5. Erk

    Orange Tim, video streaming with uStream as you know was a problem on RT8 but we have appeared to have solved that with Drue’s new webcam for RT9. I think the new mixer will assist us greatly. Now that we know that we have to isolate the audio from the webcam, that will help too. I am REALLY looking forward to RT10!

  6. Guys,

    With the mixer setup the way it is, it *MAY* not be possible to have uStream anymore. Will require further testing.


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