Erk Pod Merchandise Updated

The Erk Pod Shop has had an updated logo added to most items of merchandise. The updated logo removes references to Erk Pod Mini and Erk to the Diary Room and features the website address. Clothing with back printing features a cleaner look with website and email addresses along with Twitter and Skype ID. The Erk Pod Large Mug features version 3 of the Erk Pod logo (as seen on the baby’s bib). The Erk Pod regular sized mug features a new design with a Round Table theme and is Erk Pod Mug version 4. Versions 1 & 2 of the logo are no longer available on these mugs.

Any profit from the sale of Erk Pod merchandise goes towards the cost of equipment used to produce the show. Show your support of Erk Pod today with a variety of clothes for men, women, kids and babies as well as other non clothing items. Click on the shop ad to visit the Erk Pod Shop.



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4 responses to “Erk Pod Merchandise Updated

  1. Orange Tim

    One baby bib for Daughter ver 2.0 purchased! :)

  2. Jawneh

    How come you didn’t use Drue’s new logo? I would have thought this would look better :)

  3. Erk

    Jon, Drue’s design (that was specifically done for this website) is not in a format that is friendly to the Erk Pod Shop at this time.

  4. Erk

    The race is now on, Orange Tim!

    Erk Pod Shop



    Go Erk Pod Shop! ;)

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