Erk Pod 146 – Show Notes. “A Massive Launch for Mixer V3.0!”

Erk Pod episode 146 – 104 minutes

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Welcome to a massive episode 146 of Erk Pod. This was the first episode recorded using the new mixer. Erk and Drue in the Erk Pod Studio are joined by Orange Tim on Skype with Squeak joining in shortly after the start of the show. As this was the first recording with the new mixer, it was a good test prior to Round Table 10. Erk & Drue are aware of some echo and feedback in the episode and we need to eliminate the source of that.

Indeed even after Erk and Drue called time on the episode, the Zoom H4 recorder was kept running and then we return to after finding another story that just couldn’t wait until the next episode. As a result, this is a MASSIVE episode!

In this episode:

  • Blast off for Erk Pod Mixer V3.0!
  • Hooray for the new mixer! Thanks to Shawno, Richard, Drue and Orange Tim for their assistance with the new mixer.
  • Why we got the new mixer
  • Muting Guests and Bunnies
  • Muting Orange Tim
  • Drue has a new mic stand and had an offer for a new mic
  • Let’s play the theme music NOW!
  • Hello Squeak, join in!
  • How is everyone?
  • Erk Pod’s Youngest Listener!
  • Orange Tim’s race between Amazon and the Erk Pod Shop
  • Email from Shawno. Erk struggles.
  • If Harry Shearer can do it, so can Drue!
  • Harry Shearer’s radio show and podcast
  • There’s a Voice Over Guy War on?
  • Muting women
  • Roll call of Erk Pod’s female listeners. If you are female and a listener to Erk Pod, feel free to comment or email
  • What are people in the UK whinging about? Thanks to Jim and Paul B for their feedback!
  • Overhearing people’s one sided phone conversations on trains
  • Man gets hit by train and has a lucky escape
  • How do you stop a train in a hurry?
  • “Why didn’t you swerve to miss me?”
  • More feedback regarding what people in the UK whinge about
  • Thieves steal 4000 condoms in Mexico as well as a 7 metre inflatable replica
  • Shout out to Ben the Podcast Trader
  • There are 32 states in Mexico?
  • What are the thieves going to do with their haul?
  • Border images – US/Mexico border compared to the US/Canadia border
  • Selling condoms on eBay
  • Vegan friendly condoms? If you are a vegan and you are that dedicated to the cause, contact us
  • 7 second delay button
  • Bunny’s a lie machine! She isn’t on Daylight Saving Time!
  • Man spotted asleep in his car by Police with a reported $300, 000 cash amount
  • Erk wants a room for Erk Pod while Squeak tells us about a house full of cannabis
  • Did the banks pass on the interest rate cut from the Reserve Bank of Australia?
  • Twitter avatars are turning blue for World Mental Health Day on 10 October.
  • Squeak is now using Twirl and Erk and Drue are using Slandr for mobile Twittering.
  • National Awareness Month National Awareness Month and various ____________ National Awareness Months and Weeks
  • How are disorders and syndromes named?
  • How are train parts and other things named?
  • Drue went to Hog’s Breath Cafe and Squeak suggests an ideal place for Erk to eat out
  • Would Erk be able to date a vegetarian?
  • Shawno is going to charge us royality?
  • Naked English tourist goes for a Royal swim in Japan
  • Council orders ex-solider to lower “offensive” Australian flag
  • Orange Tim Mini!
  • Message from Vanya
  • Time to go (or is it?) as we prepare for re-entry after launch
  • Orange Daughter V2.0 makes an appearance!
  • The End (or is it?)
  • Trying to decide on a date for Round Table 10
  • Orange Tim and Squeak are prepared to stand in for Erk & Drue
  • 35 Women arrested for wearing tight jeans
  • Ben the Podcast Trader says hi
  • Haiku of Frustration and Squeak having haiku fail like Erk
  • Story we forgot: List of the Top 10 Tounge Twisters
  • Drue wants to be surveyed
  • Play along at home as Drue reads the article
  • Bunny is still an hour behind

Sources: ABC, Fairfax Media, News Limited



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6 responses to “Erk Pod 146 – Show Notes. “A Massive Launch for Mixer V3.0!”

  1. This was a top episode, guys. Had major fun listening to it. I always get a good laugh when Drue gets impatient with bunny.

    People talking on mobiles on public transit don’t bother me. As long as they’re not screaming, of course. New mixer sounds good. I think it’ll be a good fit for the future needs of the Erk Pod empire.

    And don’t worry. I won’t be looking for any royalties.

  2. Erk

    What would be a typical commute for someone in SLO, Shawno? I’m glad you enjoyed the episode. It was a lot of fun to both record and listen back to later.

  3. Commuting inside the city of SLO by car shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes most days. And that’d only be if you were driving from one extreme end of town to another. By bus, however, is a different story. Takes about 20 minutes to get from where I live to downtown, and then at least another 15 to get anywhere else from there. If you’re busing it to the northwest side of town, from where I live, that’ll easily cost you an hour each way. Fortunately for me, I rarely need to do that.

  4. Erk

    Shawno, I’m lucky that I live directly on a bus route. It’s generally a half hour service except for Sundays which is hourly. Depending on traffic, it takes about 5-10 minutes from my stop to the train station. It takes about 15 to walk the same distance albeit on a more direct route.

    One problem that we do have is that while the train times have been changed, the buses haven’t changed so there is sometimes a massive gap between bus and train.

    Having said that, it takes me (at best) about 30 minutes door to door to get to work in the car (40km/25 miles) which is mostly freeway driving. I’d be lucky to do the train/bus option in an hour. So in the 15 minutes that it would take for me to walk to the train station, I’d be halfway to work. No prizes for guessing which mode of transport I most use……

  5. I love that when y’all were listing off female listeners of Erk Pod, I am the very first one mentioned. :) !

    “I know what I find more annoying… bunny alert!” Priceless! Made me giggle. I also laughed at “why didn’t you swerve”, and the suggestions about what to do with a seven foot inflatable condom. So many parts of this show made me lol. :) Wonderful!

    Hyper Nonsense Awareness month in May? I love it! And, there’s a Dyslexia awareness month? Who knew?

    And, no, sorry Erk! It’s not me who does the “Mmmmm …. very good” sound that we use on Hyper Nonsense. Sorry to disappoint. It’s a sound clip from Iron Chef, (Japanese Version). But, I could probally fake it for ya sometime :)

    NaPodPoMo = National Podcast Post Month. I have been declared “the poster child” for this project, because I started my Inside My Head show on the first day of NaPodPoMo last year. Yes, it is one podcast a day for the entire month of November, and yes, it is open to international podcasters as well. Something like the writer one, and likely inspired by that.

    “Twitter twitter hahaha.” So happy that made it into a show!

    Sounds like Catherine isn’t just the youngest podcast listener, she’s now also the youngest podcast guest as well!

    Looking forward to Round Table 10 :)

  6. Erk

    Jen, mmmmmm very good! ;)

    Glad you enjoyed the episode! It was a lot of fun to not only record but also to listen back to.

    And we have joined in the NaPodPoMo action, too! ;)

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