Rabbit Season!

Here’s Drue and Anastacia Bunny after episode 146 of Erk Pod. Bunny has been working really well over the last couple of episodes. After a suggestion from BJ the Research Guy, I tried to set Bunny up to read the comments that people put on the site but for some reason the other night, she only read the heading and who sent the message.

Also during episode 146, we found out that Bunny had not adjusted onto Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDST) which commenced last weekend. I originally thought when she announces the time at the top of the hour, she was reading the time off my laptop. However after going to the Bunny website, I could see that it had not adjusted. So I adjusted it mid-show but it did not change. We will see what happens next time. Otherwise, Bunny will be reading Queensland time (who does not observe Daylight Savings).


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  1. All of bunny’s settings are handled through the Nablife control panel. I guess no one’s informed the French that Australia has a daylight savings time.

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