Nathan’s Box

On Hyper Nonsense, Shawno & Jen had a Christmas in July competition that went into August, September and now October.

The original competition was a way to encourage people to call in to the Hyper Nonsense voicemail line. If you got your voice on the podcast and were not a guest at the time, you were entered.

Orange Tim and Rowley entered in the spirit that the competition, Mike entered via his Bunny and Nathan entered merely by accident because he left a voicemail before he knew that there was a competition.

Before Mike entered the competition, it was not looking good for Shawno as regardless of who won, he was looking at sending the prize overseas. Nathan won the prize and I offered my services to Shawno to send the prize to me and I’ll forward it to Nathan as I’m a lot closer to him than Shawno is!

So here’s a photo of me at the Post Office with the box and hopefully soon we’ll have another shot of Nathan with his box!



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3 responses to “Nathan’s Box

  1. Thanks for being our middle man on this one, Erk.

  2. Orange Tim

    Can I haz HN sticker plz?

  3. Erk

    Can I haz Nathan collect box, please! ;)

    Shawno – no worries.

    Orange Tim – I believe there are some stickers awaiting to be stuck! ;)

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