AM Work photos

This week, I have been on mornings. While I don’t usually like mornings (I’m not a morning person as people who know me will tell you) but they could have been a lot worse and a lot earlier!

Above – Just before a meal break, I spot an OSCAR train bound for the South Coast in front of a Central station sign. No prizes for guessing where I am!

Above – As usual, I spent a bit of time at Liverpool. Here’s a different shot. The train is waiting on departure time prior to heading to the city.

Above – On this day, I was waiting for my last train so I could go home. This train is at it’s temporary home for between the AM and PM peak hours of the day at Liverpool.

Above – Earlier on the same day, I’d just driven a Millennium Train to East Hills. I’m about to go to the other end of the train to drive to the city.

Above – After several attempts, I finally made it into the new Macdonaldtown turnback and stabling facility. I was only turning back. While my train sits in the foreground, a westbound train passes in the background.

Above – And finally, my only night shot of the week as I prepare to board my first train of the week at the Depot.


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