CONFIRMED – Erk Pod Round Table 10

Erk Pod Round Table 10 has now been confirmed and locked in. Funnily enough, Round Table 10 will start at 10am Sydney time on Saturday 25 October.

The times elsewhere will be:

  • Sydney, Melbourne: Sat 25 October 10am
  • Brisbane: Sat 25 October 9am
  • New Zealand: Saturday 25 October noon
  • West Coast US: Friday 24 October, 4pm
  • Central US: Friday 24 October, 6pm
  • East Coast US: Friday 24 October, 7pm
  • London: Friday 24 October, midnight

As usual you will be able to listen and watch live via uStream and there will be a limited number of spots available in the studio and via Skype. Please advise Erk or Drue ASAP if you are available to appear as a panelist for all or part of the Round Table. It is expected that the Round Table will last for at least 3 hours and will incorporate Erk Pod episode 150.


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One response to “CONFIRMED – Erk Pod Round Table 10

  1. Round Table ten? Count me and Shawno in! Mmmm… very good!

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