Do you need something else to listen to?

As some of you may now, I listen to many podcasts. Some I find myself but others I find by recommendations from other podcasters and other people. Here are some brief details of some of the new (to me) podcasts that I have been listening to. I will be updating the list of podcasts that I listen to shortly.

ZM Morning Crew

Recommended by: Pat (@limburger2001)

What: A podcast of the breakfast show of New Zealand radio station ZM which covers most of New Zealand. So if you are sick of Australian breakfast radio and like Kiwi accents, you will find ZM’s Morning Crew to be a breath of fresh air. Each podcast opens with a segment called “You Oughta Know” which tells you what is happening that day, what has happened that day and what ________________ Day today happens to be. Most days seem to have a __________ theme. The podcast usually ends with “60 Seconds of Sleaze” devoted to celebrity trash and gossip. The segment isn’t always about celebrity and the segment isn’t always 60 seconds, either.

When: The live radio show airs between 6am and 10am New Zealand time (8am – noon Sydney time) Monday to Friday. The podcast usually has a duration of 20-30 minutes daily and in my experience has been very regular.

Who: Polly is the star of the show which goes against the grain of male/female breakfast radio duos. She’s loud, opinionated but also very funny. Her sidekick is Grant who it turns out is Polly’s husband. Not that you’ll hear many sickly lovey dovey couple moments. Grant’s role seems to be to keep things moving, disagree with Polly, give a male point of view. Have a drink every time Grant says “hell yeah!”. They are joined by Hot New Guy and Cam.

About: If you love the Kiwi accents and are sick of Australian breakfast radio and podcasts, give these guys a listen. You don’t need to be a Kiwi to listen. There are occasionally interviews along with regular segments.

Link: [ZM Morning Crew]

Stilgherrian Live

Recommended by: Stilgherrian and his Twitterverse of fans

What: Unlike the other shows here, Stilgherrian Live (Stil Live for short) is a video show that is filmed live on location on Thursday nights at 9.30pm (Sydney time) and whenever else he feels like it.

When: Live on Thursday nights 9.30pm unless advised otherwise. Also may appear at other times during conferences and events and whenever Stil feels like it. The length of the show varies according to what is happening and how long the batteries last.

Who: Stilgherrian (and before you ask, that is his one and only legal name) is a former radio producer and presenter. He also freelances on and offline in the new media space.

About: Stil Live is a live interweb show. On the couple of episodes that I watched live, Stil started his show in a local pub in the Newtown area. Then based on what happens live and what is suggested by audience members chatting live on uStream, you can follow the action via live streaming from Stil’s Mac via the Telstra 3G network. A popular segment of the program is “Cnut of the Week” where people nominate and vote for ……… well, you get the idea. It’s fair to say that this show has a small but cult following.

Link: [Stilgherrian Live]

le Show

Recommended by: Shawno from Hyper Nonsense

What: le Show is a show that is available via traditional, satellite & internet radio, podcast and more. It is heavily based on the events of the week, especially in relation to politics and current events.

When: The show is produced weekly and lasts for an hour on the radio version. The podcast version usually lasts between 50 and 55 minutes which is excellent for a podcast version of a radio program.

Who: “You may remember me from such character voices as Waylon Smithers, Principal Skinner, Kent Brockman and Rainer Wolfcastle.” The host is Harry Shearer who is a major voice of many characters on The Simpsons. In addition to this, Harry has been the star of le Show for over 20 years among a long career in entertainment.

About: le Show is satire at it’s best and you will enjoy it if you like listening to talk shows. I love the segment “Apologies of the Week” where Harry tells stories of people in the media, politics, sport and more where they have had to apologise for something they have done. Harry does the voices in the sketches but he does not usually mention The Simpsons. Having said that, I enjoy playing “Simpsons Voice Bingo” where I try to detect various character voices. Waylon Smithers seems closest to Harry’s default voice but I’ve also heard Kent Brockman and Principal Skinner. In a segment about something a Principal did (or didn’t do), Harry said something like “not that I know anything about being a Principal or anything” in the voice of Principal Skinner.

Link: [Harry Shearer’s official site] [KCRW website]

Dark Compass & Dark Compass Metal Show

Recommended by: Shawno & Jen from Hyper Nonsense

What: Dark Compass is the only music show that I listen to via podcast. It features a range of podsafe and label/artist supplied music in various genres. If you like your music loud and hard, you will enjoy the spin off show “Dark Compass Metal Show”. This show was created after people complained that they did not like metal music (that host Rowley is a fan of) in the main show.

When: The shows usually appear weekly or fortnightly, especially for the main show. Each show lasts for around 30-60 minutes.

Who: Rowley hosts the show from London. This show has been running for a long time, starting in December 2004. Rowley also is a part of the “Made in the UK” music podcast and more.

About: Apart from the music, the shows feature interviews of artists/bands, news and personal stories. Having said that, the two shows are more about the music.

Link: [Dark Compass] [Dark Compass Metal Show]

No Agenda

Recommended by: Listening to This Week in Tech (TWiT)

What: An extended chat show about politics, the media and tech in the US.

When: The podcast is usually released weekly and lasts between 1 or 2 hours.

Who: Adam Curry (often referred to as the father of podcasting) is the co-founder of Podshow (oops, Mevio). He is joined by commentator and journalist John C Dvorak who hosts Cranky Geeks, appears on TWiT, writes for various outlets and is a Vice President at Podshow (oops Mevio).

About: This show is a talk show, sometimes somewhat explicit. Topics include what is happening in tech, politics, the media and more. Indeed if you are a fan of Dvorak, you will hear him speak more freely and more often than he does on Cranky Geeks or TWiT.

Link: Surprisingly, a show website for this show is not easy to find. It is probably better to go to each person’s website. [Adam Curry] [John C Dvorak]

The Media Burnout

Recommended by: Shawno, Hyper Nonsense

What: I was looking for a Canadian podcast to listen to while looking for Canadian guests for Erk Pod. This show is an extended talk show about various forms of media, news and more.

When: The show is produced (usually) weekly and lasts for between 1-2 hours. This show can be somewhat explicit in language. 

Who: Ben is a presenter and producer for a Canadian radio station and Jeff is a former stand up comic and currently does voice over work.

About: The show talks a lot about things from a Canadian point of view when it comes to media, politics and more.

Link: [The Media Burnout]



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3 responses to “Do you need something else to listen to?

  1. I also listen to No Agenda. It’s good.

  2. Pat

    another podcast that you might like is ‘Gadgettes’ which is a CNET podcast. Its billed as women’s take on tech, but it usually involves making fun of dodgy gadgets (like those dodgy demtel ones) and lame attempts to make ‘for women’ gadgets by painting them pink…with a couple of USB powered vibrators thrown in for good measure :p. The hosts are usually 2-3 women who’s main motivation sometimes, is to make the producer ( the only male in the show)feel uncomfortable, with hilarious results!

    Thanks for the shoutout!

  3. Erk

    Shawno, I couldn’t remember if you also mentioned No Agenda to me. It sounds like something you’d say.

    Pat, I have now subscribed to the Gadgettes which sounds good. But do they really need that guy? ;)

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