Spot the error!

When I was awaiting departure from Macdonaldtown Turnback, I thought I’d take a picture of me both sitting and standing at the controls.

Spot the error or errors with this photo!

If you think you know what the error or errors are, feel free to comment on this post. Let’s see what you come up with ………



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7 responses to “Spot the error!

  1. richard jeffries

    Can’t see out the window? Shade is to far down.

  2. Throttle is not on the left?

  3. Jacob

    oh i love i spy

  4. Squeak

    how can you see with the blind down and where is the pic of you sitting

  5. Erk

    Ding! Horn!

    Richard and Squeak, you have both nailed it! But Shawno is correct in saying that the throttle isn’t on the left. But funnily enough Shawno, we sit on the left here in Sydney on the train but on the right when we drive our cars!

    Jacob, have you spotted anything yet?

    And keep watching, Squeak, for a picture of me sitting. But hey, you’ve seen that before! :P

  6. Orange Tim

    Am I correct in saying it’s a T-Set Tangara?

  7. Erk

    You are correct in that regard, Orange Tim! ;)

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