Podcast Awards Update

To give you an update on the 2008 Podcast Awards that I’ve mentioned previously on Erk Pod, nominations have closed as you may be aware. The next stage of the awards is about to commence with the announcement of the podcasts that will be voted on to decide the winners of the awards.

This announcement will be held online on Sunday 19 October at 4pm Pacific (East Coast US) time which is 10am Monday 20 October for us who observe Sydney time. You will be able to see the announcement live here.

In excellent news for Erk Pod, I was listening to episode 417 of Geek News Central, host Todd Cochrane (who is the man behind the 2008 Podcast Awards) said that the nominees for each category has been decided and were in the process of being audited. He then said that there were international (or non US) podcasts on the final list.  Now while I don’t know for sure (yet!) that Erk Pod will be on the final list, I do know that some people in my audience have nominated the show. So we are a chance which is encouraging. Mind you, I’m happy to hear that there are some non US podcasts on the list, even if Erk Pod isn’t one of them.



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3 responses to “Podcast Awards Update

  1. Of course the announcements will happen while I’m at work. Still, should be exciting to see which shows are nominated.

  2. Erk

    Who knows, Shawno! You might get to hear who got nominated while you are working! ;)

    If we get nominated, I am sure you’ll hear me from SLO! ;)

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