Level Crossings

On Erk Pod episode 146, I mentioned level crossings and some people saying “why didn’t the train swerve?”

Fortunately, most of the level crossings in the Sydney metropolitan area have been replaced by bridges or alternative routes over time.

In my normal area of operation, there are still some level crossings that exist. There is the Fairfield Road crossing at Fairfield, Casula level crossing, the Parramatta Road level crossing at Rosehill and pedestrian crossings at Cameilla, Dundas & Telopea stations on the Carlingford line. Out of these crossings, the busiest crossing in terms of rail traffic would be the one at Fairfield. In terms of road traffic, the Parramatta Road crossing would be the busiest.

On Saturday, I went out of my normal area of operations and went to Richmond. The line from Blacktown is double track to Quakers Hill and then single track to Richmond with crossing loops (where one train can pass another) at Riverstone, Mulgrave and Clarendon. This line is mainly in semi-rural or rural areas and there are numerous level crossings still on this line both for motor vehicles and pedestrians. The level crossing in the photo is at Riverstone station. The gates are open and cars are using the crossing despite my train being there. This is due to me having to wait for a train in the opposite direction to arrive on the single track from Quakers Hill. Once that train was close by, the gates would close and then the train would pass by. Once that train passed, the gates would re-open briefly in order to let some traffic through. Otherwise, there could be vehicles queued all the way down Riverstone’s main street. Then it was my turn to leave after the gates were lowered and the signal cleared.

While editing this photo, I saw a car similar (if not the same) to my previous car, my green Toyota Paseo. It is the car on the right hand side of the photo.


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  1. I would also like to add, that I control this level crossing as part of my job. :D

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