Erk Pod 149 – Show Notes. “Erk FM”

Erk Pod episode 149 – 62 minutes

[Right click to download episode]

Welcome to a music based episode of Erk Pod, episode 149. In this episode, Erk talks about his community radio and music playing experiences and plays some of his favourite music from Erk Pod and other music he has heard on other podcasts. Links to all artists are on the Music page of this website.

And there is a challenge to co-host Drue, too!


  • Samanatha Murphy – I want to go home

  • The Firm – Star Trekking (thanks Orange Tim for the correction)
  • Rocket Propelled Geeks – My glasses are too thick

  • Ammp – Go

  • Ammp – Ironman

  • Fall Out Boy – Nobody puts baby in a corner

  • Kill the Alarm – Sit Up

  • Andrew Handrick – 90 Miles An Hour

  • Andrew Handrick – Learning Curve

Most songs are from the Podsafe Music Network. I hope you enjoy a non typical episode of Erk Pod!



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4 responses to “Erk Pod 149 – Show Notes. “Erk FM”

  1. Like that second track by Andrew Hendrick, Erk. And I don’t listen to many music podcasts. I like the talky kind best. I had to rely on a fair amount of analog-only gear back in my broadcast school days. I didn’t even own a real CD player until the late 90’s. Ahh… these kids with their iPods. They’ll never know what it was like back then.

  2. Star Trekkin’ was by The Firm. Re-live the no expense spared video clip –

    And whilst we’re reliving classics, how can we forget this 1980s classic from Black Lace –

    Oh yes, I remember “dancing” to My Glasses Are Too Thick. That was seriously funny! I could hear Ben – The Podcast Trader hit the tiles. It was funny and not funny at the same time.

    Ammp are good, this may sound strange, but they have the real kiwi feel to their music.

    I really like Kill The Alarm. Great sound!

    Mate. DO NOT do the “Call Me Now” voice EVER, EVER, EVER AGAIN! You frightened my daughters and my wife!

    90mph equals 145kph. So yes, it’s quick.

  3. Jacob

    i liked this episode… erk playing music… great :DD:D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  4. “Radio Erk”? Very cool!

    I remember y’all dancing around “like idiots” to the “Star Trekking” song and the “My Glasses are too thick” song during an Erk Pod Round Table. So funny! (well, except the Ben getting hurt part).

    Rocket Propelled Geeks = RPG ? Hahaha!

    I really like the band Ammp. I’ve played “Ironman” on the Inside My Head show, and might have to borrow “Go” for sometime in NaPodPoMo.

    I am totally laughing so hard at the “call me… call me now” thing! Hysterical!

    I agree with your comments about the Podsafe Music Network. I have been getting most of my music for the Inside My Head Show from there for a while now. For me, this is both the easiest way to get podsafe music, and also to let the artists know that I played them on my show.

    This was fun to listen to. A nice change of pace.

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