2 sleeps to go – Round Table 10 update

There are now 2 sleeps (for me at least!) to go until Erk Pod Round Table 10 takes place on Saturday at 10am Sydney time (GMT +11). To provide an update, the studio is now full and the Skype spots are looking like they are full at the start of the Round Table. Some spots MAY free up towards the middle to later stages but this will depend on how long participants can stay for. If you have not let Drue or Erk know that you plan on taking part via Skype but would like to, please let us know ASAP.

We have a massive amount of content planned and based on the people who have expressed an interest in attending it is going to be a massive Round Table. Of course, you will be able to listen and watch live via uStream if you are not on the panel.

Also, the opening of the Round Table will make episode 150. If you would like to send in a voicemail to help celebrate episode 150, please call the Erk Pod Voicemail line either via:

  • Skype: erkpod
  • Callers from Australia: 02 8003 6905
  • Callers outside Australia +61.2 8003 6905

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