Erk Pod 154 – Official Opening of the new Erk Pod Studio

Erk Pod episode 154 – 47 minutes

[Right click to download episode]

Welcome to episode 154 of Erk Pod with Erk and Drue in the new Erk Pod Studio. In this episode:

  • Round Table post mortem
  • New Erk Pod Studio!
  • No Bunny!
  • Nathan’s box is now at the Erk Pod Studio
  • Erk appearing with Shawno on Hyper Nonsense episode 133
  • Taking Shawno around the country
  • Drue had 3G Optus FAIL. Bad Optus!
  • Voicemails from episode 150
  • Erk has been asked not to do the “Call me” voice again
  • NaPodPoMo (aka Nannapoopoo) update
  • NaPodPoMo contest that Drue thought up on the spot
  • Paramedics hurt in DUI smash
  • Newsreader and journalism FAIL
  • Who do you treat first in a crash involving your Ambulance?
  • Chicks dig Geeks?
  • Disco could save your life!
  • Whale killed by boat
  • Trying to finish the episode on a happy note
  • Does Erk’s train have indicators?
  • Train Myth Busters
  • How has Drue found driving the ship?
  • Drue steers the train while Erk drives it?
  • Leader!
  • Good night interweb
  • BONUS – Off air production meeting

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One response to “Erk Pod 154 – Official Opening of the new Erk Pod Studio

  1. Great show, guys. You kept me company as I walked home today from the hardware store. (Of course I missed the bus. Stupid bus.) It was great fun having you on my show, Erk. Nice to hear your recount of how things went. Looking forward to everyone’s NaPodPoMo shows for next month. (Guess that’s actually tomorrow for you guys!)

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