Da Novemba Advencha – Episode 2. Show Notes

Updated 2343hrs UTC+11 – Sunday 2nd November. Direct Links to show updated. Druey

[Right click to download episode]

Da Novemba Advencha episode 2 – 15ish minutes.

WARNING – This episode may contain explicit content and adult themes. Listener discretion is advised.

  • Da Novemba Advencha #2 – “We actually have a plan!”- We’re still working to get a cut down version of the theme.
  • Ben thinks his recording sounds like Smeagol.
  • Drue didn’t say g’day.
  • Comment here or Email us if you love it. dna@druey.net
  • Shout out to Chris (DJ Vaien) for making our theme music
  • Rolling through the list!
  • Ben washed all last night.
  • We went to the Colonial Hotel for dinner last night with Erk and His Mum.
  • Ben doesn’t care what he eats. *cough* BS *cough*.
  • Ben forgets that he doesn’t have his glasses.
  • Drue CAN read!!! :D
  • Suicidal Squirrel tries to halt early voting
  • Drue & Ben haven’t done anything yet today.
  • Erk jinxed Drue! (See Echo Romeo Kilo One One, Episode 1)
  • There is 1 person listening online. Later found out that it was Squeakaz.
  • To go to Westiefield or not?
  • Ben can’t bitch about work, because he hasn’t been. Yes Ben, it’s Sunday!
  • Ben was right and I was wrong, apparently.
  • Movies now showing in Penrith.
  • Special Guests coming soon!
  • Ben goes to announce the closing out song. Brutal Asylum, by Cohort.
  • Shoutouts!


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5 responses to “Da Novemba Advencha – Episode 2. Show Notes

  1. Orange Tim

    I reckon Ben’s intro sounds like Smeagol/Gollum or a Smurf on helium! :)

    I agree with Drue. Those movies you wanna see Ben, suck! Sorry! ;)

    The show has a great sound to it guys! Makes mine sound like it’s being recorded in Milo tin!

  2. I also agree that those movies suck
    MOooooooooooooooooutherfucka YAY

  3. So, did you guys ever make it out of the house?

    And we played Cohort once, too. Death metal FTW.

  4. Erk

    The only movie I’d want to see out of those would be Step Brothers because I enjoyed the preview on my movie marathon. Keep up the good work, guys!

  5. The part where you used the Fail noise… made me giggle!
    Suicidal Squirrel? As a member of the Green Party? lol!
    This was a great show, guys! Very funny.

    Thanks for the shout outs. :)

    Yay for Death Metal!

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