Despatches from Orange Tim – Despatch #2. “Electric Cars”

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Despatches from Agent Orange – Episode 2. 64 minutes

Agent Orange enlists some help from Chicago and goes on a mission exploring the engima of Electric Cars. We look at a brief history of electric cars, $1Bn AUD electric car infrastructure plan, explore oil compnay conspiracy theories, the joys of electricity as a means of energy and why “EVs” are cool and at the same time not so cool.

We take a brief look at the following electric cars and do our best to be like Top Gear without actually driving them:

  • BMW Mini E
  • GoinGreen Reva G-Wiz
  • NICE Mega City
  • Indica EV
  • Mitsubishi iMiEV
  • Telsa Roadster
  • Venturi Fetish
  • Lightning GTS

Articles read on podcast from News Ltd and Smart Planet.

Special Thanks:

  • Richard Jefferies, host of the Wasting Time podcast for being my very first special guest on Despatches from Agent Orange
  • Erk – for hosting Despatches from Agent Orange

There were some Skype issues, apologies for that.
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3 responses to “Despatches from Orange Tim – Despatch #2. “Electric Cars”

  1. Wow! You sound so professional, Orange Tim! No one listening to this show would be able to tell that you just started producing podcasts. It was really nice to hear Richard on this show too. Normally, I don’t have much of an interest in listening to guys talk about cars, but, this show was fascinating! Perhaps it is because I have been considering getting an electric car (or some kind of hybrid car) when my ancient car finally dies. (Whenever that may be!).

    Great show!

  2. Orange Tim

    Thanks Jen. Seriously? I sound professional? I have no where near the setup, Erk, Richard or you two have! Just a USB headphones with mic and Audacity! It was good fun having Richard on the show, especially since he has a great love of cars and poweringthem with alternative fuels.

    Glad you enjoyed the podcast. So, so far I’m winning you over Jen. I must be doing something right!

  3. Finally got ’round to hearing this one today, guys. Really interesting stuff. You’re right that we need the infrastructure for electric cars NOW before we run out of fuel. I hope it happens.

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