Echo Romeo Kilo One One – Episode 2. Show Notes

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Echo Romeo Kilo One One – episode 2. 20 minutes

  • G’day from one of my favourite hangouts, live on location at Westiefield Penrith.

  • Alternate names for Westiefield

  • Brief Westiefield history and current overview

  • Why Erk comes to Westiefield

  • London now has a Westiefield

  • Update from day 1 & day 2 of NaPodPoMo from the point of view of the Erk Pod participants

  • Train myth time. More questions from David van Sunder from the Millionaire or Bust podcast. If you have a train question or myth, email

  • Different names for train drivers from across the world

  • Today’s questions were about controls, gauges and seating.

  • Erk is joined by Squeak who is on duty at his local Fire Control Centre.

  • What happens when someone mentions the “Q” word (sorry, Drue! LOL)

  • Update on Squeak’s NaPodPoMo podcast “A Podcast for November”

  • Does Squeak sit up or sit down?

  • What Squeak does in a tunnel

  • Siren (not one of Squeak’s!)

  • Changing drivers enroute

  • Goodnight interweb!

Above – Me recording live at Westiefield

Above – Looking up at where I recorded from. It is in the blue section to the left of the Westfield sign on the upper level.

Above – Christmas Tree.

Above – Until the Westfield Group purchased the centre in 2005, the centre was known as Penrith Plaza (or simply “The Plaza”). This name has been partly retained as the centre is now officially known as Westfield Penrith Plaza or Westfield Penrith. Or as I refer to it, Westiefield.



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2 responses to “Echo Romeo Kilo One One – Episode 2. Show Notes

  1. I’m still finding the free train knowledge to be really interesting.
    Oh, hey, it’s Squeak! I just finished listening to one of his shows, moments ago.

    The “Q” word is a dangerous one! It holds power even in the retail McJob that I work at. Watch out! All hell breaks lose after the “Q” word is evoked!

    You kept saying “sitting up” instead of “standing up”. Sounds like dyslexia struck you this episode, Erk. Welcome ot my world. Fun, isn’t it?

    The siren was a nice touch. Haven’t heard one of those in a podcast yet.

    Great show!

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